Wyze Watch: Tap to wake

Oh, that would be fantastic! Aside from the vibration, I’m liking the 44 so far.

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I like mine also. I primary use it for notifications. I have a TIC Watch which I put away. For what I used it for, this watch is just as good or maybe better. :slight_smile:

Same. I prefer to have all noisy notifications turned off on my phone, and the band was prefect for letting me know when they would come in. Screen was just too tiny for my eyes though. Which update mentioned increased vibration intensity though? Mine updated right after first pulling it out of the box today before I even got to try it out. So I hope it wasn’t that FW update :wink:

LOL. I had the Band for a day. It was too small for me also. My eyes are not what they used to be.

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[quote=“spamoni4, post:24, topic:169330”]
My eyes are not what they used to be.
[/quote] LOL

I just saw the new FW update mention increased Vibration for notifications, but it’s for the 47. Hopefully the 44 gets the same. Good to know it’s possible w FW though.

yea, the problem is I now need to determine if it is actually different. does feel a little longer and stronger. But it could be psychological at this point. :slight_smile:

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Would be great if it was something you could adjust yourself in a setting, but one step at a time I guess. The vibration “blips” are very brief on the 44, which def doesn’t help.

I also have the 47 and it doesn’t work for me either. I don’t see any settings to enable it either.

I want the double tap to wake feature more than any other feature on my wishlist.

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I won’t be making regular use of my Wyze Watch 44 until the ‘tap to wake’ feature is provided or double-tap if necessary. I also want to have a longer time of face display when it is waked, maybe an adjustable time via the app, it’s now too short in my opinion. Also important to me is providing the ‘tap-hold-slide’ ability the change the watch face as described in the user instructions. These things are necessary as far as I’m concerned.

Yes please! I would like to see a double-tap to wake the Watch 44. Half the time I look at it, it won’t wake and I have to keep twisting my wrist to wake it. Yes, there’s a button to wake it but it requires pinching the watch to put enough pressure on the switch to wake it. A double-tap would be so much easier especially if you do have something in your hand, like a briefcase.

I’ve turned off “Raise to wake” and battery life is greatly improved. My third day and I’m at 80%. If you’re willing to tap to wake or double tap to wake, just tap the button. The effort required is basically the same. Out of all the things that don’t work on this watch…

Edit to update: Now on my 8th day with “raise to wake off” and battery is at 46%.

On the 44 model, you cannot just tap the side button to wake it up. It needs a fairly heavy press to wake it, most likely to avoid false pressing from wrist bending. And it you do it twice because you think the first press didn’t register, it bypasses the time and goes to the menu. Swiping is still clunky to get back to the time - needs improvement. This is not a great user experience. A simple double-tap on the screen would improve usability 20-fold.

Definitely needs tap to wake. But just as importantly also needs notifications to wake the screen so you can simply glance at it if you happen to notice the far too weak vibration, which is the other matter. Otherwise it’s a good watch for the money. If these things get fixed I’m quite happy with it.

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Any update? I got the new firmware a couple months back and the response to display the watchface is slower to render. That double tap would have been nice to include.

I gave up on this watch. I consider it a complete waste of money. Cheap Chinese smart watches are way ahead of it. I’m using an Amazfit Bip watch now.