Wyze Watch: Tap to wake

Would be nice to be able to Tap the Watch face to wake it up. The button press is nice, but instinct and other watches allows tapping on the face.

Damn they should’ve thought about this before launch.


I agree. But I believe it is something that can be added.


Since the raise wrist option doesn’t always work, how about programming a double tap on the screen to view?

I have had mine for 2 days now. day one I could flip my wrist and it would work. day 2 I can’t get the screen to come on at all unless I press the button. I guess for the price its fine, but quite annoying

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I have had my watch 47 for a few days and this is one of the more annoying problems. Sometimes it works and other times it does not work. Tapping is a possible help but I would rather have it just work. Last night I found it waking when I put my hand down and with the face away from me and then shutting off when I raised it to look at it. I changed the settings so that it would think it was on my other arm and it started working (well at least when it does work) with face turning on so I could look at it. I would rather have it wake on a quick twist of the arm so when I am setting there and turn the face up to look at it, it would turn on the face.

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Double tap to wake and change time awake. Thanks. At cost of battery life but just have the option.

Tap to wake should be a firmware update and not require hardware changes. The watch already has touch function. The watch needs sound tho. Vibration is so weak that it can barely be felt when using the alarms.

Vibration seems fine to me but yeah the same accelerometer that measures activity and wrist twisting should be able to register double taps to wake as well, I’m really impressed with the watch so far but tap to wake would be great