Wyze Watch Suggestions

I received my Wyze Watch today and have a few suggestions.

  • Allow removal of menstrual app

  • Allow reorganization of apps to at least move the menstrual app off the screen

  • Allow the addition of steps to the photo wallpapers

  • On iOS allow more apps to do notifications like Android. Specifically Outlook and Signal


Hmmm, when I saw a FB post about that “feature”, I thought they were kidding. Yeah, I agree. My watch has been shipped, so I don’t know how it works yet. Don’t we have the ability to customize what’s on the watch like we can with the band?

I was gonna start a thread in the wishlist for this.

edit I have a couple threads pending in wishlist


nope, can’t customize what apps are on the watch like the band…I would think the feature would be added at some point


@Ken.S can you link to what you have posted in the wishlist?

the threads haven’t been approved yet, but I will link once they are

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I would love the option to add at least a 1pt white/black outline on the text for the custom picture watchface. It will help make the numbers easier to read; without it, they blend into the image a little too much.

And when adjusting the color for a watchface or font already installed not require deleting the watchface from the watch and resyncing

I use multiple messaging apps that are not native (like Signal). When I get a message, the watch doesn’t show the content, just “Other”(app that’s not in the main list) and the contact name… But not the message.

I would like to see Wyze add support for Signal or somehow get notification content.

Hey Wyze, next update add a stopwatch, and flashlight app like you have on the Wyze band.

  • I would love an always on option for the screen
  • Notifications seem to go nuts an bulk-repopulate all my notifications randomly (sudden buzzing that claims 12 new notifications)
  • Please add font size options for notifications. My eyes are terrible so I was excited for the larger screen, but it then uses a small font.
  • left/right swipeaway for individual notifications would be lovely
  • Can we get a continuous monitoring option for blood oxygen?
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Ditto stopwatch. Also the timer stays on the watch screen the whole time. Even an hour. Also you cant do anything else on the watch while the timer is running. Should be in the background.

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