Wyze Watch Sports Tracking - More activity selections

Same gripe I have and I would like to see miles. I like to make sure that I walk throughout the day at least 7-9 miles. Now all I have is steps. Otherwise, I love this band!


I also would like to see the ability to delete activities.


I agree. I’m a biker and the watch is worthless for biking because it won’t log distance correctly. What’s wrong with Wyze not responding to these requests and not adding other exercises to the fitness app? I have yet to read a response to even say they are working on adding features to the fitness app. Extremely disappointing. It’s as if they’ve given up on the watch. Wyze, what’s up??


Everybody reading these messages needs to click on the heart :heart: icon of every message so that they’ll hold more importance with the company!

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I currently have a Samsung watch, Seeing that the Wyze watch does not have other fitness items for tracking and other feature makes me very hesitant to move to the Wyze Watch. I really hope that Wyze makes improvements to the watch and or maybe starts using the Gear OS vs home grown OS.


I agree with many of the sentiments here. I was really surprised that the Wyze Watch 47 at least in its “Sports” app only tracks indoor running. What the heck? As a consequence, for outdoor running its stats are wildly inaccurate. Moreover, I may have overlooked it, but I don’t see anything in the watch or the user guide that makes it clear this function only is for “indoor” running. I feel Wyze is really missing some opportunities to expand the capabilities of what is otherwise a very nice device.


are there any plans to have watch track lap swimming - obviously necessitating watch be water proof (like Apple Watch)

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I would like to have it more accurately track calories like it did during one of the first firmwares. right now with a stationary bike it does not track calories at all during the exercise.

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Option to disable walk tracking (to not incorrectly report distance to Google Fit)

Wyze walk tracking can’t be disabled, so it overwrites my bicycling data and distance in Google Fit.

Need, at MINIMUM, option to disable walk tracking.

When I go for a bike ride & track it with my phone cycling app, the correct mileage is stored, until I turn Bluetooth back on the phone & wyze watch overwrites my 30 mile bike ride as a 2 mile walk.

Here’s what I think would work: option to keep the heart rate and O2 readings, but omit the distance information so it doesn’t get overwritten by incorrect wyze watch walk data when I’m cycling.


Supernatural heart rate monitor integration.

So, just to add my own activities to the wish list … cross country skiing, cycling, canoeing, and hiking.


I would prefer an activity agnostic activity tracker that would monitor time and heart rate. An algorithm could extrapolate calories burned.
The indoor run tracker is just too limited a function.

And how about a stopwatch function? Would seem easy enough.

Are you folks at Wyze still working on the OS for the original watches? Or working on a next generation watch? I can think of some additions I would like to see on the new hardware.

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My understanding is that Wyze is backing out of products like the watch, to focus on more “mainline” items. So while I don’t know the details, I would assume very few requests will get done - if any. Please also note that these forums are not monitored by Wyze staff - they are user-to-user.

You can add it to the Wishlist here, or you can try the Contact Us button on the website, but that seems to go straight to Support, who don’t have any product insights. You could ask them nicely to submit your requirements I guess.