Wyze Watch Sports Tracking - More activity selections

I am a walker. Only selection now is for running

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I agree. Maybe one for mountain biking, as well?

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I agree 100%. I thought there’s no way they only had one option. Why not just make ‘Sports’ just say run. I’d love to see, ‘walk’ and even just ‘other workout’ if they don’t want to keep it more simple.


I would like the wyze watch 44 to have different types of workout choices besides just run. I ride a spin bike and do interval training and the sports tracking doesn’t track the miles and calories accurately. It would be nice to know how many calories I burn in a workout.

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Can Wyze Watch please be updated to allow Miles as a goal? “Steps” are okay, but I want to reach a mile goal, and I don’t know how many steps it is. For example, I would like a goal of 5 miles per day (not 11,xxx - or whatever it might be in steps).

P.S. Alexa would be nice

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This is exactly why I’m here. I need to see miles!

I’m missing more sports selection. I’d love to be able to track my swimming, TRX class, dancing… Is there any plans on that? Also 30 min underwater is not enough time if you plan on taking a 1 hours lap swimming

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