Wyze Watch sleep monitor

I should clarify I have a bone sticks out where I broke my wrist so that may have been my problem… no contact with skin at night when I put my hand by my head.

I’ve tried all the suggestions in this thread. Nothing works. I guess I just have a defective watch.

Adding another user with “No Sleep Data.”

First night, data was totally inaccurate. Said I was awake for two hours in the middle of the night. Not.

Second night, looked more normal, but I don’t think I slept 9.5 hours…

Third and fourth nights were believable in total hours, awake for bathroom break, etc.

Fifth night, No Sleep Data. Watch strap was on pretty tight and it’s not going any tighter.

Some background on sleep trackers in smartwatches.


Have you ever wondered how your fitness tracker measures your sleep? Or more importantly, if the data it records is reliable? Whether you own a Fitbit, smartwatch, Garmin or one of the countless other fitness devices on the market, they all work in much the same way.

My watch works mostly correct except last night it said I was awake for an hour, I was not. I think it believes tossing and turning is awake.

I have a sleep disorder I’m called a short sleeper that’s what they used to call us back in the old days I don’t sleep at night so I was interested in what this would say.
Looking at the two nights worth of data the best I could call this would be an inactivity tracker.
I wasn’t even in bed at some of this time.

To really track sleep you need more than just motion you need respiratory, brain wave, eye movement, 02, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure.
I have been the subject of two sleep studies the last one in the late 90s and early 2000s the equipment they hook you up to is crazy.

the data you get from the watch might help you decide what time tonight you really do rest and when you don’t but that’d be about it

I just received my WW last night and played around with it.

When I awoke this morning, sleep tracker monitored 8 hours, 35 minutes of sleep between the time I went to bed just after midnight to when I checked just before 7. . . yup, 8:35 of sleep in less than 7 hours. This thing will create sleep for you!!!

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Same thing here. Watch says 6 hours, 51 minutes yet I only got a little over 5 hours.

For me, it was the opposite. I LOOSENED the watch strap and it finally started recording my sleep data.

The sleep tracking for me is really erratic. I’ve used the Fitbit Charge3 (and before that the Charge2) for years to track my sleep, and it’s been very accurate. (I check it almost every morning). Here’s a comparison for the 9 days I’ve had the WyzeWatch.


At least your Wyze Watch is tracking your sleep. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks, and it’s only recorded one night of sleep.


My Wyze 47 is tracking most nights but is giving about an hour extra sleep time every night vs the Fitbit which I used a Fitbit for years and the sleep tracking was very accurate. Appears Wyze is giving sleep credit even if your awake in bed playing on your phone like I am right now.

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Same regarding sleep tracking inaccuracy. Like Wyze Band, the sleep tracking mechanics appear to be the same, resulting in poor accuracy.

I have been wearing my Fitbit Charge 2 on my other arm since I received Wyze Watch. WW consistently records a good hour or more of extra sleep. Last night it showed me sleeping when I was actually awake watching TV.

It appears to have great difficulty determining wether someone is awake or asleep.

Another area where it is lacking is in recording REM (it doesn’t).

I have been wanting to replace my Fitbit with something more up to date, but sleep tracking is very important to me.

I select the nighttime feature and then go to sleep which seems to activate the sleep monitoring. It has been working great for me I love this watch and 20 bucks!? Gotta love it

I’ve also been having issues with intermittent and inaccurate sleep tracking.
I opened a case with support and received the expected (update firmware/reset/don’t wear 24/7 response).
I understand this is a $20 device, but like the vacuum, if the provided (basic) features and functions don’t work, it doesn’t matter how much it looks like a much more expensive product, if it doesn’t function.

I’m seeing 2 patterns:

  • Some nights record no sleep data at all
  • Some night record data (I know because I’ll wake up and see that I’ve been sleeping for, say, 4 hours, but then in the morning (another 4 hours later), I’ll see a total of 2h47m of sleep, so it almost seems like something disrupts the intelligence and “resets” the sleep pattern.

I agree. So far, this compared to a 10 year old Casio that I have… it was a little cheaper, win for it It’s still chugging along, so it wins on the battery life front. It also tells me the date, win for it. It has a stopwatch and alarm, so I guess tie there.

Pretty much every other function that this watch adds is so unreliable that they can’t be counted as wins in any way.

If you haven’t bought this watch, save your money folks.

A little harsh for a new device, the thing not working for me is the O2.
I am willing to give them the time to put together a firmware update.

As for the sleep monitoring you have to know they are not claiming this is in the same class as a 300.00 sleep tracker.

It tracks my inactive time (I do not not technically sleep…no REM for me)
It did not record data the first night,but since then it has gotten close to my recording my night time habits… meditation hour shows as deep sleep, resting in my chair shows as lite sleep.
it does think I am sleeping when it fact I am outside kicked back looking at the sky,

The nighttime feature? I didn’t even know there was such a feature.


I agree with you that it is not intended to replace a $300.00 unit/watch. For a $20.00 watch, it works great. I also did not buy it to monitor sleep. It does everything I need just fine. I’m really happy with it. My wife is getting antsy for her Wyze Watch 44.

Have a great day.

I disagree. It’s not harsh for a new device. Minor bugs here and there, sure. This thing literally does nothing reliably in the 2 weeks I’ve owned it, with the exception of telling time.

I don’t care if it’s super accurate one the sleep tracking. However… The fact that it’s recorded nothing at all for 3 nights out of 14, is laughably bad qa. I will admit though, that this is likely more the fault of the app than the watch.

I went 2 hours south to do some work 3 days ago. That entire day, the weather portion of the watch was “N/A”. Today, 2 days later and it’s still reporting me as being in that town. Yes, I have the proper permissions for the app and even allowed them all while not using the app just to rule that out as an issue.
Edit after 3 days, it still hasn’t corrected. I ended up opening the app, going to watch > weather. It showed the right location, now the watch shows the right location. The fact that the data on the watch relies on specific activities in the app to be launched is laughably bad programming.

I work in an office environment and take this watch off on the occasion that it might get treated rough, and it’s still already got a fairly large scratch across the face. While I wouldn’t expect gorilla glass on such a cheap watch… I also wouldn’t expect it to get a scratch from an accidental bump into something in an office environment.

The thing recording about 2,000+ steps/day while commuting even makes this thing a pitiful fitness tracker.

Having to clear notifications from the watch that I’ve already cleared on my phone is a bit of a nuisance as well. If they’d even expose an intent for us to clear the notifications, I’d even just make my own workaround to clear them. But, that isn’t in place as far as I’m aware as well.

With the exception of the scratch resistance, the hardware is pretty decent. I could even forgive that, if anything else actually worked decently. The problem is that the software shows a lack of refined development before release (even the haphazard way they explain how to enable background data hints at this). They should’ve held onto this watch for another couple months and finished developing the software before releasing it to the public. If you release something that’s half finished, you’re asking for bad reviews of it.

The steps could be fixed by tweaking the algorithm that’s detecting steps from the accelerometer. The sleep tracking data collection and weather functions could be made more reliable by simply programming the app correctly to perform a sync at fixed intervals.

The notifications should be able to be cleared when they’re dismissed on the phone (likely just a different receiver) and they could be dismissed via the app most likely when dismissed on the watch. This is fairly basic functionality that should have been caught during QA.

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