Wyze Watch sleep monitor

The nighttime feature? I didn’t even know there was such a feature.


I agree with you that it is not intended to replace a $300.00 unit/watch. For a $20.00 watch, it works great. I also did not buy it to monitor sleep. It does everything I need just fine. I’m really happy with it. My wife is getting antsy for her Wyze Watch 44.

Have a great day.

I disagree. It’s not harsh for a new device. Minor bugs here and there, sure. This thing literally does nothing reliably in the 2 weeks I’ve owned it, with the exception of telling time.

I don’t care if it’s super accurate one the sleep tracking. However… The fact that it’s recorded nothing at all for 3 nights out of 14, is laughably bad qa. I will admit though, that this is likely more the fault of the app than the watch.

I went 2 hours south to do some work 3 days ago. That entire day, the weather portion of the watch was “N/A”. Today, 2 days later and it’s still reporting me as being in that town. Yes, I have the proper permissions for the app and even allowed them all while not using the app just to rule that out as an issue.
Edit after 3 days, it still hasn’t corrected. I ended up opening the app, going to watch > weather. It showed the right location, now the watch shows the right location. The fact that the data on the watch relies on specific activities in the app to be launched is laughably bad programming.

I work in an office environment and take this watch off on the occasion that it might get treated rough, and it’s still already got a fairly large scratch across the face. While I wouldn’t expect gorilla glass on such a cheap watch… I also wouldn’t expect it to get a scratch from an accidental bump into something in an office environment.

The thing recording about 2,000+ steps/day while commuting even makes this thing a pitiful fitness tracker.

Having to clear notifications from the watch that I’ve already cleared on my phone is a bit of a nuisance as well. If they’d even expose an intent for us to clear the notifications, I’d even just make my own workaround to clear them. But, that isn’t in place as far as I’m aware as well.

With the exception of the scratch resistance, the hardware is pretty decent. I could even forgive that, if anything else actually worked decently. The problem is that the software shows a lack of refined development before release (even the haphazard way they explain how to enable background data hints at this). They should’ve held onto this watch for another couple months and finished developing the software before releasing it to the public. If you release something that’s half finished, you’re asking for bad reviews of it.

The steps could be fixed by tweaking the algorithm that’s detecting steps from the accelerometer. The sleep tracking data collection and weather functions could be made more reliable by simply programming the app correctly to perform a sync at fixed intervals.

The notifications should be able to be cleared when they’re dismissed on the phone (likely just a different receiver) and they could be dismissed via the app most likely when dismissed on the watch. This is fairly basic functionality that should have been caught during QA.

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You sure you didn’t turn on stretch alert? Vibrates every 50 mins I think to remind you to stretch

Does your o2 sensor work?

My o2 does work.

i was asking one of the people with sleep tracking issues…

If its able to get o2, and heart rate, it should be fine to track sleep also… as long as the app is allowed correct permissions and everything as well.

I dont understand the people complaining that it cant differentiate between laying in bed watching TV/playing on their phone, and sleeping… how can it?

Its a $20 watch, sold by a camera company that sells rebranded products… honestly WTF are you expecting?

yeah, the sensors are as basic as cost will allow. yeah the software could obviously be better if they had programmers spend a few more months on it… what software wouldnt be? and how much would a few more months of tweaking the software cost? and your list of complaints at that point would still be huge… Its a basic, entry “smart” watch that performs as a basic entry “smart” watch… no, its not a polished 3rd or 4th gen device made by a company that is devoted to fitness trackers/smart wearables. of course its not going to act like one. why would you think it would?

even with that… if sleep tracking is vital to you… how is a wrist worn device going to be accurate? measuring REM? really? with accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart rate, blood ox, etc. they still cant… they can give you vague estimates based on averages, expectations, and hope… but none of them can be accurate. not truly. so again, why would you think they could be?

Yeah, i know your _________ has it, and its changed your life and all that… its amazing what the power of suggestion and acceptance does isnt it?

your watch gets most of its info from your phone… thats why it was so cheap. it doesnt have to have all of its own sensors, processors, memory, storage, etc. etc. if it doesnt have constant access at will to the app, and the app to your phone, its not going to work right. If t he info in the app isnt accurate and upadated, your watch wont be accurate and updated…

yes, your watch will translate some arm movements as steps… like early fitness trackers did. it doesnt have GPS or other more advanced sensors to check against multiple times for accuracy.
because its a $20 watch.

yes, an office environment will scratch the screen… you know why? even in office environments there are hard, and sharp surfaces. obviously. not sure why because youre in an office environment scratches arent supposed to be possible…

If you want a device that integrates with your phone completely, one with more refined software, a wider array of more accurate sensors to give more accurate results for numerous specific things (sleep, exercise, activity, etc.), better quality materials that are less likely to be scratched when exposed to surfaces or objects harder than they are… then wow, you just found out why samsung, apple, google, etc. all make smart watches / fitness trackers, etc. and why they charge as much as they do.

yes, those are all a package deal.

no wyze didnt make this watch. they are not a watch or wearables company now. just like they arent a vacuum company, they arent a lamp company, they arent a robot vacuum company, etc. . they are made by other companies with wyze branding and little tweaks. all of these devices pay for their core products/specialties… which honestly seems to be more software based.

look at aliexpress (among many others) and you will find WYZE “products” sold by different companys… oftem with different software features and tweaks some with added functionality, some with less… all depends on what you want to pay per unit.

Xiaomi sold the vacuum before wyze, even on amazon there are numerous from all sorts of different places. im sure the lamp is the same way, the robot vacuum is the same way, this watch i promise is the same way (there are so many generic wearables out there, its impossible to identify the sources anymore) they may source the watch bands from somewhere else than the body… thats their special touch… or whatever… it also explains the weird lack of integration throughout their product line… they arent all starting from the same place, or even half way… just the final touches.

theres nothing wrong with that… they put in the work to source the hardware that meets their standards, with the software that meets their standards, and they continually update the firmware to fix, improve and expand their devices along the way. thats not nothing. thats more than most companys by far. you’ll have a hard time finding another $20 watch that will continually get firmware updates specific to that device… instead of a general OS update that could/will actually make your device not work anymore…


Yes my O2 sensor works, it works better if you apply light pressure on it especially if you have hairy arms

What no one seems to be talking about is, the watch only tracks your sleep from sunset to sunrise. Wyze completely disregarded everyone that sleeps during the day, due to their work schedule. Sorry overnight workers, Wyze forgot you existed.


Hey it’s a $20 watch. What Eric said is true. For $20 it keeps great time and has a few extra features. That said, we could have paid triple for the same watch from Oneplus in round.

There is a WishList item for a “Sleep Now” button. That may solve your issue. I’m leaning toward it being a better idea to press a button when my head hits the pillow and another when I wake up for good. I just put in a Wishlist for a kill switch for the sleep timer so the watch knows my trip to the breakfast table is different than a trip to the restroom. Go vote!


You need to sync your watch data. Every time you close your phone app and reopen it, the watch will sync the data and you’ll view data from the night before.

I have the 44. The first night is tracked 2 hours (out of 6) and nothing any night since…
It’s tight and snug.

I now have an issue where data on the watch (for sleep) doesn’t match what it in the app. 8h24m on the watch, 6h25m in the app.
Weird. Closed/Opened the app multiple times, synced data manually (clicking back and forth within app) and restarted phone and watch.

Yeah, it’s a problem. There is a whole thread on it. Sometimes the watch doesn’t record sleep, sometimes it records sleep that isn’t sleep and then the app doesn’t always transfer what the watch recorded.

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Ah, thank you–I’ll add my name to the list there as well.
I’m sure there’s an easy fix.


Having a similar issue. I got my watch in January this year, and it recorded sleep until a little over a month ago. For some reason it doesn’t record sleep data anymore. Can’t figure out why

I’m not going to read your entire op-ed. But my counterpoint to it is: they advertised sleep tracking. If it can’t do it reliably, don’t promote it. At least do like those psychic commercials do, a disclaimer that sleep tracking function is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

The watch needs to record sleep pattern 24hours a day.i work nights and sleep during the day