Wyze watch shipping update

While I wait for mine, what are your first impressions?

And how much can you customize the watch face(s)?

Mine was in pick/pack earlier, now showing as In packing. So, should ship soon.

Overall, it feels pretty responsive. Heart rate and oxygen level seems to work well and pretty quickly.

Ehh. Maybe six watch faces. The basic faces are BORING/UGLY and the one you can manipulate you can only add a picture. They need a few dozen more.

For $20 you can’t go wrong.

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It’s ok for a cheap little watch. I got it mainly to track my sleep. It showed me how much light sleep I got and how much deep sleep. It has to go thru your Wyze app and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. It has several different face plates to choose from. I went with the one you can put a pic in as you can see. That is my granddaughter. The blood oxygen sensor seems to read higher then the one I have for my finger. Pretty cheap band, overall you can’t beat it for the money.

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I received an email saying my watch was shipping 4 days ago but as of this morning it’s still in pre-shipping. Has anyone else received a shipping email but not have the watch actually ship? It seems they are creating labels but not actually putting them on boxes and taking them to USPS.


I’m in the same boat. I got the shipping email, but it still shows Pre-Shipment.

I ordered mine on December 1 and it is still showing in pre-order status.

Quickly losing confidence in this company due to the poor communication.

I ordered mine Dec 1st as well. Zero communication about the product other than this forum topic. No shipping notification, nothing.

It makes you wonder if anyone from Wyze is actually even reading this board or if the company cares about its customers.

It’s almost as if they don’t care but they’ll make money based on volume because the product is cost-effective.

Incredibly disappointing as I had high hopes for this company.

I received plenty of info from “Jimmy” saying the watches wouldn’t even ship until April, and I was fine with that. I’m just not too sure what the reasoning is behind telling everyone April but print labels early, mine was March 15th, but not ship the watch within 24-48 hrs.

It seems like a shady gimmick to make it seem like they are shipping out and it’s disappointing that they would do that as opposed to sticking by their initial April ship date.

[Wyze] Your order has shipped.

Good news - your order 0065xxxxxx is on its way! It should arrive within 4-10 business days. Click the button below to follow its journey from us to you (please allow 24 hours for tracking details to populate).

Well it’s been 120 hours and my tracking details haven’t populated. I’m not even trying to reach out to Wyze as all prior attempts have proven fruitless.

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Received mine Saturday. Overall pretty happy. Sleep tracker leaves much to be desired very buggy. The rest of the app and watch pretty good could use a few more faces.

same here. got the shipped email on 3/15. Still shows pre-shipment on 3/22. Unclear when it will actually ship.