Wyze Watch Reboots?

Every so often I feel a vibration on the Wyze Watch and look down to see the Wyze logo, so I’m assuming it’s just randomly rebooting. This happening to anyone else? I haven’t found any other complaints.

I just got my Wyze watch 44 in the mail today and it’s done this maybe 3 times already.
Running the latest firmware (0.3.65).

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Plus side this means I’m not crazy.

Yes. My 47mm is restarting/rebooting at random as well. The other thing I have noticed is when I do a shut down, it would restart on its own. I command shut down and then it turns back on by itself. I am running the latest firmware as of this posting but I really think it needs new firmware. Also, the location of the weather widget does not refresh until I do a force close of the app and reset of the watch if I travel to another town.