Wyze watch? Really?

I love the news!
I just received yesterday from Amazon a $42 (after tax and shipping) watch that does:
Blood Pressure
Pulse Rate
Sleep Monitoring
Body and skin temperature
IP67 weatherproofing
SMS and select music (not using these features).
If the new Wyze one will allow viewing cameras and all the above (with weather display), I am in!


Exactly my point

Some interesting insights pulled from the FCC filing:

It’s only Bluetooth V4.0. That means a range of 33ft instead of 800ft (BT5.0). Still, most people should usually have their phone on or near them most of the time anyway. Also limits the watch to about 2Mbps (instead of 5Mbps). 4.0 also means the battery will drain a lot faster (4.0 uses more power) than it would for the optimized 5.0. Also, it will not meet the requirements to be considered an “IOT Device” whereas 5.0 would ensure IOT devices could work well with it and use all it’s features. So, that’s one big downside of this watch so far, indicating some limited functionality as far as being something that can easily use all IOT devices well. Still, it can probably do some things through relaying a connection through the app through the phone (hopefully).

They tested data rates at 1Mbps/2Mbps for GFSK modulation. I imagine that should be sufficient speeds to be able to stream a camera with.

Things listed under the Support Equipment they tested included things named:
USB Cable
RF Cable

So perhaps we can connect it to a computer directly too for some reason?

Test equipment listed as used t to test it (which can be telling for what capabilities it might have) include:
Spectrum Analyzer
Bilog Antenna
50Ω Coaxial Switch
Horn Antenna
Broadband Horn Antenna (Does this mean it connect by WiFi directly, not just Bluetooth to your phone?)
Active Loop Antenna
Power Meter
& more.

It’s referred to as Wyze Watch 44 in several places. Does that mean there were 44 different iterations/prototype changes on it before they finally felt it was ready? Though the model no. is WWTCH1

Many of the PDF’s they submitted to the FCC were locked as confidential and won’t be available for public access until 5/15/21, including the manual for the device. That indicates that the device may not ship until as late as May or June (kind of like how the Doorbell launch happened many, many months before it would be shipped out).

Thought some of you might be interested in me sharing some of those insights with you too.


44 is probably the bezel size, 44 mm.


I’m hoping for a quicker Alexa response time than the Wyze band that also includes audible responses.

I was an early adopter of the band and gave it a try, however I quickly realized it would not fit my needs. I want a quick, always available connection to Alexa wherever I may be. Without an audible response, I found myself having to hold my watch up for 30+ seconds waiting to see if Alexa received my request. Gave it to my teenage son to use and have returned back to my Amazfit Verge for the time being.

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the auto-unlock rarely works as intended and designed, which is my second main reason to wanting it (first behind being able to remotely unlock my door for the neighbor to let the dog out). I was an early access backer for it so I’ve had it since day one and did endless research on the forums and talking with support to fully understand how it is designed to work. It just only does maybe 50% the time.

that said, to your wife’s concerns, I’ve never been worried about the security of it as far as randomly unlocking and the auto-lock has never not worked.

thanks for doing the research!!


Good info. Thanks so much!


So, the email I got for this has a countdown timer, but at least in my email the number of hours never changes. The days and minutes and seconds change, but it always says 20 hours no matter what time of day I look at it.

Can someone tell me what time the announcement will actually be at since this countdown in the email won’t tell the correct time? (please include any time zone and I can figure it out for my area)

My email is changing just fine, so it says 23 hours 41 minutes


Thank you, that is very helpful.

Not sure why mine would never update correctly. I was just using Gmail through Google chrome. I checked at all times of day, and tried leaving it open too. So weird.

I would second those for the sprinkler. I own an Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler for 2 years now… it is meeeeh!

I would have purchased the WYZE blindly (and maybe will for next summer)… The Orbit has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is alternative to WiFi in case there is no WiFi access given the device has no buttons for programming (all done via mobile).

As nate-19 states, the Rachio is (WAS) overpriced at 200+ but now they have another model.

That said, a WiFi sprinkler is SUCH a benefit for watering maintenance and having the mobile interface to program… it is just as good as having your thermostat controls and scheduling available on your phone. BUT IN ADDITION to just a schedule, they automatically skip based on rain or freeze forecast (9.99/year, first year included).

I do get your point of “newer products” when maybe some additional effort but on the other hand, I rather have one app (one account, one provider, one privacy policy) than having to get multiple ones to manage all the gadgets in my house.

I am not too happy with the WYZE PLUG given you can’t use it to turn-off/on your router as it loses network signal and without it is as dumb as a door weight. the plug should have a “RESTART COMMAND”.

The SCALE its a bit weird handling who is getting on the scale.

Also, not-too-happy at the fact you can only manage (and view playback) if you are the admin of cameras (can’t view as guest), I can’t view playback to assist my mother with the cameras in her summer house (shared with one of my sisters). During invitation for specific camera, one could indicate if invite as “guest” or “admin” or something like that.

The thing I do love about WYZE, it is the community.

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I agree with this statement that the Wyze plugs should have a restart command (not just on/off). I had to go buy a plug from another vendor to get this functionality for my modem/router. It gave me the following helpful options:

  1. Tell it to restart through the app.
  2. Schedule the plug to restart on certain days/times (I often have it restart the modem in the middle of the night to clear any memory leak build up).
  3. If the plug loses connection to WiFi, then automatically restart on its own (this way if there is a memory leak or something so there is no internet available and I can’t connect to the plug to tell it to restart, it will recognize on its own that it needs to restart to make the modem/router work again.

Wyze should build this functionality into their firmware or a future plug, It is extremely helpful, especially since so many of us have so many IOT devices that spaz out the routers occasionally after a while and make people think Wyze is unreliable, when they just needed a router reboot once in a while due to memory leak issues.

If we could set up a quick command in the watch to tell it to reboot the router plug, that would be cool.

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Looks like the documentation and FAQ are up for the Watch.

Getting Started section has a features sub-section.


To my disappointment no Google Assistant support (see FAQ section)… Been waiting for that on the Band. That and irregular heartbeat detection would have me sold.

Just pre-ordered. Couldn’t get the $5 amazon pay discount code to work. Got an error message saying to enter the code after logging into amazon pay, but I had already done that and there was no other option than to click the order button. I ordered via the website, not the wyze app

Do you mind sharing which one you got from Amazon? Been looking for a cheap alternative, and wondering how you like yours?


I bought this one:

The watch display is pretty big, but it fits me well.
I have only used it for a few days, but I have been satisfied so far.
You will have to install the app to set it up. After that you can uninstall it, and then just use it standalone, but you will lose historical tracking.

In some ways the band is better than the watch (definitely not. The watch doesn’t have a speaker or microphone so there is no AI support and only allows access to Wyze shortcuts, making it more limited on controlling your devices than the band. That will upset a lot of people.

Definitely not obsolete.

Hi, do you know if it will be possible to see the your Wyze cameras from the Wyze watch?

So instead of addressing the issues of the band, they throw a watch out there. What assurances do they have that the strap won’t put a red ring on my wrist?