Wyze Watch - No Backer Sticker

Just got my Wyze Watch 47 and traditionally when you order a Wyze product as the first production run (E.G. Pre-order) a little sticker saying “I Backed Product Name” with a cool little art of the product is included.

However, my Wyze Watch 47 did not have such a sticker inside and it’s the first product I have received as such. Just curious if anyone did have a sticker included with their Wyze Watch…or is this the beginning of the end of this awesome tradition?


Damn, how’d you get so early? Beta tester?

I guess I was just one of the lucky few. This is from their weekly pre-order updates email:

A small selection of launch day preorders for the Wyze Watch 47 are going to be fulfilled early. If you ordered on November 1st, you should keep an eye out for a possible shipping confirmation from us.


Same here. Received my watch today; no sticker.


Same here. I just assumed they stopped.


I thought they stopped too but just got my color bulbs and it has a sticker. I was putting all these on my hardhat for work so am a bit disappointed not getting a watch sticker.

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Same here, I got the (2) 47mm watches I ordered today and no sticker(s). My Wyze Bulb Color order I got last week had one. Hopefully they send us one out. Otherwise what is the point of being a “backer?” :thinking: Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can shed some light on this topic.

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Yeah kind of disappointed there weren’t any stickers with the watch, I have a pretty good collection going.


Same. Got 2 watches yesterday no sticker in either one, but so far the watch is doing OK.

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  • you’re one of the first people to have the official production product
  • you support Wyze
  • lower prices on most early orders
  • there’s also other perks like free gifts and stickers, but these aren’t always included or promised with every order.

Get a cheaper pre-order price.

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I don’t think any of us are ready to boycott the brand over this, it’s just the first item the sticker wasn’t included in with no explanation. Items we’ve preordered after this came with them so our original thought that they just stopped doing isn’t true. We’re nerds, inconstancy bothers us lol.


My thoughts exactly.

It shows in the badge list of the WYZE app.

But no physical sticker.

Then again… I don’t remember getting one for the thermostats, or the vacuum, but then again, they usually just stay in the box for me.