Wyze Watch Multitasking

Improve the background operation ability of the Wyze Watch

Wyze Watch 47
Version 0.12.37

Currently, while using apps, the Wyze Watch [47] is able to display new incoming notifications over/in-front of the current app being used.

In addition to this, apps that have persistent activity (i.e.: heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, activity/fitness monitor), can be navigated away from by the user, without confirmation of cancellation of operations (unlike the timer; explained below).

However, although new incoming notifications are displayed over the the timer application while it is in use, the timer can not be navigated away from without the operation being cancelled. In practice, if notifications want to be viewed from the home clock face with a swipe down, this cannot be done without receiving the prompt “Do you want to cancel the timer? [✘] [✓]”.
— Three permutations here (noticed so far over four days of use) —
• Select [✘] = Unable to navigate away from timer while leaving the countdown active
• Ignore, selecting neither option = Interface powers off, defaults to home clock face, automatically cancelling active timer
• New incoming notification appears, failing to interact with the notification = repeat of result from point#2

Result remain the same after:
• Rebooting watch
• Re-pairing
• Paring to alternate devices


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