Wyze Watch increased notification vibrations

I noticed the vibration notifications are the watch are weaker and less noticeable than on the wyze band. On the band you will get two “buzzes” as opposed to only one buzz on the watch. If this could be increased to two buzzes like the band it would be much more noticeable for alerts.

Agreed, I’d like a stronger vibration too or the double vibration


Or Customizable level / pattern would be nice.


I assumed my watch was disconnected since I hadn’t felt a notification for a day… But then checked and saw I had multiple notifications. The vibration is so unnoticable and could use improvements.
I would love the option to set different vibration patterns/strengths per kind of notification.

Didn’t even know the watch supported vibrations until I saw the software release notes.
Watch receives notifications perfectly but never has it vibrate a single bit.

Is this a hardware defect? Not sure how Wyze customer service is to get his replaced.

Got the watch replaced and the vibrations do work. Guess got a defective version.