Wyze watch first impressions

I bought the 47 as a preorder and I have to say that it was just a waste of money in my opinion. It’s probably a fun watch for a child, but the BP app was not accurate at all. This product was probably rushed to meet its delivery deadline. Not recommended.

I see you uinderstand you bought a preorder product. The firmware isn’t even up to version 1 yet so put it away and come back in the future to update it again before you say you bought a piece of sh.t. You bought a $25 (current price) watch and expect a Cadillac? It will get better. It’s already improved from the day I got it with the latest firmware update.

I agree with kbrick66. This watch was $20 when I got it. It has been MORE than worth those $20 and indeed, it does get better with the updates. I am not sure what folks are expecting. This is a fantastic price (even at $25) for a watch that does what this does. I put away my $300 Fossil Smart Watch because I got tired of the 8 hour battery life. Wyze watch is very well worth it.

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Did the exact same thing! Had a gen 4 fossil. Hated that in the lowest settings it couldn’t even make it through the day! Love that wyze did this!

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