Wyze watch first impressions

Got my preorder 47mm watch. The construction is great, comfortable to wear, the screen is bright even at mid light level.
Surprised that they didnt port over the app for the band to the watch, seems like the band is more customizable and the app more featured than the Watch.
I like the variety of the Watch face options.
Raise to wake does not work at all it seems. The vibration is almost non existent, I can barely feel it. I havnt tried the alarm clock but would be worried it wouldn’t wake me up, this is one of the things I used frequently with my band. I am hoping this is just a firmware update and not a poor feature on the watch
With the band the BPM was customizable, this is either continuous every 5 min or not at all.
As with all WYZE products for the price point I feel bad pointing out the weaknesses. It is still an amazing product and a rediculas price.

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Received my watch today. First impressions: Great price for what it does.
Disappointed in the proprietary connector to recharge…usb-c would have been nice! I like to keep cables in several places including my travel bag, but I don’t want to buy multiples of yet another charging cable…if they’re even available separately.
Wish I could have a watch face that included seconds - digital, not analog.
Wish the “electron” watch faces were easier to read…the double shading makes it look blurry, like I’m drunk or something. And the font for the 1 (one) is not good, not different enough from a 7 !
The in-app “user guide” is lacking…would have been nice to have something that shows the watch app icons and says what each does, instead of having to click on each one - and some of those are difficult to cancel.
I do like the price though!


Just got mine and put it on haven’t really done anything. For the price I can already tell this is pretty awesome. It’s a little cumbersome to navigate and I feel with updates this can be better streamlined.
I would like to see a bigger focus on the wyze products upfront. Currently I have to swipe left choose shortcut then click a shortcut.
I also have to have an off and on shortcut . I really want this for my lights but having to create two for each instead of just having the option to toggle state of light or plug kinda sucks .

Maybe we could place a shortcut in the notifications tray or let us customize a long press on the power button.

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I agree. The watch faces are hard to read and some very faint. They waste too much space on graphics and colors. Need larger numerals and more info, like the Hr:Min:sec and the full date Month/Day/Year.

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I got my 47 yesterday. It’s a nice watch but I’m having a problem getting the watch to show me the time. You’re supposed to be able to flick your wrist to get it to show I have to flick many times to get it to light. No matter how hard I flick, it takes several times. Is there an adjustment or trick to make it easier? I’m flicking my wrist off. :sunglasses: I have the newest firmware 0.12.37.

This is my main issue. I can take any of the other quirks, but if I flick my wrist I say 30% of the time it actually shows. 70% I see a black screen and have to flick again. So annoying.

I was wearing an Amazfit GTS 2 before this, and no lie, probably have 15 or more smartwatches going back to the first Pebble. I would prefer an always on display and lesser battery life,

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I just realized my mistake. I had set it for Raise to Wake time of 7AM to 12PM thinking 12PM was midnight. NOT… I changed it to the intended 12AM and it’s working much although not as well as I’d like. It’s still stubborn about opening up.

I havnt got my band yet its been through many states to get here. But i do have the same problem with my band. constant flicking usually at least twice before i actually see the display light up.

I’m giving Wyze some leeway here, it’s still early in the new product development. The firmware isn’t even v 1.0 yet. I’m sure they’ll fix this, it’s very annoying, to the point where I’m not going to wear mine for a while til, they fix it.

I have had the same issue, it has like a few second delay before waking up. I usually have to tap the button to see the display.

I have had my watch for a couple weeks now and it seems to be working well. However, there are a few minor quirks that I hope Wyze will address in future updates.
1.) Water touching an active screen will play havoc with the display.
2.) Finger swipes are glitchy at times, requires repeated swipes.
3.) Need to include step count option with picture screens
4.) Larger font option for main screen and text notifications
5.) Pre-programmed replies to phone calls and messaging notifications
6.) Need option to add and remove Apps. Hopefully Apps will also be open based for 3rd party App developers.

I like this watch, it’s good but I think it can/will be much better. I’m coming to this watch as a long time Pebble watch user. I’m hoping Wyze will grow this watch similar to Pebble. As a side note, though they don’t fit edge to edge, I have had good fitment with a TPU screen protector made for the 44mm Apple Watch. They cover to the corners of the raised bevel so that’s most of the exposed area anyway. Good until specifically designed protection becomes available.

I turned off the tilt to wake as I felt like a fool twisting my wrist 3-4 times just to see what time it was.

I agree too that finger swipes are glitchy. Sometimes I can flip through, other times I am forces to press the button and start over.

It seems to be tracking data well, but it doesn’t sync to Fit like it said it would, and for that I am debating switching to my fossil watch with wear os. I was hoping that this one would sync with fit, give me heart, sleep, daily data, and last longer than 1 day on a charge. I also prefer an always on display even if it gives less battery life. So maybe they will add things in the future, but I might set it aside for now and wait and see.

I think it’s fair to not be upset with it yet. It’s a brand new product and the firmware isn’t even at version 1.0 yet.

I’m not upset, it is still in development and it has great potential to be my goto watch. But some of the annoyances are having me think that maybe I will switch to one of my other watches for a bit.

I agree, mines in he drawer for now.


Ive had my watch for about three weeks now. I am putting it aside and going back to my wyze band. The watch is nice but pretty not functional. If they literally just ported over the software from the band to the watch it would be amazing but as it is now, it really isnt functional to use. The heart rate interval is either always on which drains the battery or manual. The workout tracker is only for a run or walk, not a workout, the raise to wake really doesnt work, and the touch screen as others have shared is glitchy. About the only thing that does work is the alarm. I am sure they will make some updates hopefully soon that improve it but for now it is going on the shelf.