Wyze watch - Emergency button and Elderly assistance features

My housemate got this watch for her elderly mother which has mobility issues. She usually wears an emergency button just in case she falls, but sometimes forgets it. (That actually happened a few months ago, and she had to “butt scoot” to the dining room and knock the phone off the shelf to call for help - that took about an hour)

It would be a great feature to:

  1. have an emergency button option on the watch.
  • this could be setup to call a specific person (i realize the watch doesn’t have a mic), and/or to send a text message to a specific person or group.
  1. SpO2 to be set to check every X minutes like the Heart Rate monitor can be
  2. the ability to share the watch with someone (this would allow her daughter to go into the app and see the vital data for her mom) (currently, you can only have 1 watch in an account, so if you have a watch yourself, you can’t view someone elses)


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