Wyze Watch Display Always On

Please let me see the time/clock always, no arm jerk required. Is this because of the fancy color and battery life? Black and white LCD screen please.

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This would definitely decrease the battery life to (I would guess) around a day. I’m sure Wyze will try to improve the raise to wake feature on both watches.

You should create a separate #wishlist item for a black and white LCD watch.

Just an always on feature would be great
Having it as an option in settings
If battery life is the issue - then disable the feature
As long as the battery can last a day - that’s acceptable
Maybe dim the brightness when wrist not raised

I sure like the idea of always on. I also would like the ability to specify how long the watch stays on when there is an arm lift. Lots of times now, when I raise my arm and then swing the watch around my wrist, then dig it out from beneath my shirt cuff, the display goes off…