Wyze watch - can't use as trusted device on android

android has a feature to keep the screen unlocked when trusted devices are connected. the wyze watch seems to connect directly and doesn’t show up in the paired devices list and so I can’t use it as a trusted device.


That is strange. At first I did not see it there in trusted devices, then after making sure the watch was connected to the app, it showed up. I have added to the trusted devices and that seems to have worked. I have since stopped wearing the watch for many reasons.
Maybe after they rev. the firmware a few more times, and provide better faces and apps I take it up again.

I have it set up as a trusted device on my phone. I had to go to Bluetooth settings and pair it first, but after that I was able to add it in the trusted device settings.

Initially I used the wyze app and connected via QR code scan. Didn’t how up in bluetooth devices as paired and couldn’t be used as a trusted device. Seeing these posts, i removed from the wyze app and paired with android, I then scanned the qr code and now the device doesn’t show up as paired or able to be used as a trusted device. Wyze FIX THIS.

I am on a samsung Android phone using android 11 and oneui 3.1