Wyze Watch - Bluetooth Disconnect Notifications

I noticed that when Bluetooth disconnects, an icon with a slash through a phone appears in the control center on the Wyze watch. This is great, but would it be possible to implement a feature that has the watch notify you (via vibration and a disconnect message) when Bluetooth disconnects? I feel that this would be useful since it would remind you that you forgot to bring your phone with you when going somewhere.

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This is a much just like Galaxy watch does

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Wyze Watch Reminder

I have been a Samsung Gear S3 user for about four years, and got the Wyze watch after my S3’s battery got down to lasting only about 3-4 hours on a full charge.

One thing that the S3 does that I have learned to rely on is a reminder when I walk away from my phone and this would be a wonderful feature to have on the Wyze watch. Basically, when the watch loses its Bluetooth connection with my phone, it vibrates. I don’t know how many times I’ve set my phone on the charger in my office and walked away to go home or to lunch and then felt that little buzz on my wrist that reminds me to go back and get it before I get too far away.