Wyze Watch - Allow custom timer intervals longer than 60 minutes

I would like to be able to set custom intervals longer than 60 minutes using the watch’s timer function. It would be ok to do this in minutes (e.g. 90, 120 - no need to add an hours setting.

wyze watch timer functionality

Bought the Wyze watch to replace my crappy Casio Illuminator. In their
infinitesimal wisdom, Casio have decided to do away with the
countdown timer. I use my watch to time ballgames I officiate (e.g.,
softball typically can go anywhere between 1:15 and 1:45). Why is the
Custom timer limited to 1 hour??? Can this be expanded (up to 2 or more
hours) in a software/firmware update? Can a custom interval be “saved” instead of reprogramming it each time it is used? Howzabout a count-up
stopwatch for soccer?

Also miss having UT as a second clock option when at the telescope.

Wyze Watch - Longer Countdown Timer

Any possibility of increasing the times available for the Countdown Timer function?

I often need times of up to 10 hours for countdown. The current 1 hour max is just not long enough.