Wyze Watch: allow ability to customize apps

@WyzeKenny Has anything been addressed for those of us who can’t seem to update to firmware 3.91? This has been discussed in another thread. I’m update to date in the Wyze app and have done everything else I can think of but for the last week, I keep being told I’m update to date with 3.90.
Actually, I finally decided to abandon my 44. The lack of firmware update and two instances of bad battery terminals (one was a replacement) convinced me to give up.

what about the 47? I can rearrange apps but it would be nice to hide unwanted apps, it’s nice the cycle tracker can be hidden, so why not allow all apps to be hidden?

Ah, I guess I’m one of the ones who can’t update to 0.3.91 as my app says 0.3.90 is up to date.