Wyze Watch: allow ability to customize apps

The band allows you to choose which apps you have shown on the band, we need this on the watch too. I’m sure most males are not interested in having the menstrual cycle app on their watch

If you think it’s a good item vote for it!


Can’t vote until the thread is approved by staff

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Please allow us to remove and rearrange apps on watch


The menstrual cycle app has disappeared from my watch. I suspect that that’s because I identified myself as “male” to the Wyze app on my phone. (In the app, press Account in the footer bar, then choose Account from the list of options, followed by Health Data and then Body Type).

I’m sure there are also people whose Body Type is “female” who wouldn’t have any use for a menstrual cycle tracker, but it does look as if some customization of the watch happens automatically based on other information that the app knows about you. And that male users at least don’t have to have the tracker on their watch if they don’t want it.