Wyze Watch add Stopwatch

I would love to see a stopwatch to go along with the timer feature. Thanks

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This really would be a great feature! Probably my most used functionality on my old digital watch

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The Wyze Watch has a stopwatch. Tap on the icon of the runner. In addition to being a stopwatch, it records your steps, calories, and average heart rate. It’s very nice.

I saw that but I was looking for one that does intervals - lap-times - but thanks for the heads up.

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Would like to have stopwatch functionality. Please consider ability to allow to continue running and still switch to other screens and screen to blank until woken up, or stay active until wrist action allows screen to blank.

Just received my first Watch47 and like the basic features. I must say I am a little disappointed that certain simple things are not available. Here is my short-term update list that I think are critical basics:

  1. Clock face that has the ability to display time with digital seconds
  2. Count up timer / stop-watch. Need this asap

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