Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

I love this watch face. Informative and not too fancy.

While the information is here, I really and truly dislike this watch face. Wayyyyy to artsy and cute for me. All I want is the information and seconds too. Others here have mentioned battery level (YES!) and I definitely absolutely positively WANT to see seconds.


Wyze messed up badly and could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they would have surveyed potential users and put more fore thought into this watch before they released it. Nobody likes the goofy color designs and quirky faces.


They could have put less forethought in, and just put the desired information as simple text without any art or design and people would have been significantly happier.

A watchface that has: Weather (current temp, maybe hi/lo), battery level, sunrise / sunset, steps, Bluetooth status (confirm link). Or possibly an overlay that has all these as selectable options over a stock or configurable background, like choose a total of 4 from a longer list, 1 for each corner. My Amazfit even has weather for the next 3 days right on the watchface, plus all the above items. No swiping needed to see all that!

Regarding the comments about wanting the watch to notify you of low battery: My Watch 47 just vibrated and popped up a “20% battery remaining” notification today. Don’t know if it would have reminded me again at, say, 10%, 5%, etc., because I immediately put it on the charger. I am running Beta firmware 0.12.43. I don’t recall the watch giving this reminder before this firmware release.

PLEASE add the ability to customize the date format. I believe the majority of U.S.A. customers would prefer MM/DD/YYYY on the display.

This 20% pop-up was quick and easily missed.

New watch faces that don’t look like the '90s with eye-bleeding neon. Or at least let us change colors of the current themes. Give us the 3-4 color choices and a color wheel please.

Just a nice Digital clock with Date and all Counter readings for Steps/Cal/Last Heart Rate.

Personal Picture Watch Face. Please add all Counters right under the clock/date.

Maybe the Counters should be a toggle for all faces?

Again the frustration here is the remedy is less work than the mistake they made.
They could literally have a challenge where they ask us the customers to design watch faces for free. Let us vote as to which one we like. Maybe send a free watch band to the winning three designs that are added to the options.

None of them are great. If you’re gonna copy the fruit watch…….might as well go all the way with the faces. As their face selection is way better. And before people mention the price difference, this wouldn’t be a large expense to implement.

I did not see this topic on Wishlist or Roadmap,
It seems that the watch just turns itself off upon low battery, without notification.
It would be helpful if, either on the watch itself/in Wyze app/through email or text, a notification could be sent at say 10% remaining. That would give opportunity to recharge and not lose un-synched data and missed data collection from a dead watch.

My Watch 47, running firmware 0.12.43, gives a low battery warning (vibrate and screen lights) at 20%. Not sure if it would repeat at 10% or not. I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see.

It does notify at 10% and also vibrates when it dies

Hi, it does vibrate when dies, but too late. I’ll have to check my firmware and test again. Thanks to all

The resident watch faces are almost childish. Garmin’s selection of faces for the Fenix 5 for instance is terrific. Wyze needs to offer more data fields and complications. The battery life is really good but but I won’t wear mine. Apple 5 is my current choice even though I have to charge it every other day.

Are we ever going to get a useful/professional looking watch face? There’s not a good watch face to choose from. We either get a basic analog watch which wastes the whole point of a smart watch or we get hideous designs where it looks like someone threw pastel paints and ugly fonts on it. Who thought making 1 and 7 look almost identical on a watch was a good idea?

Starting to think this watch has been memory holed. No new watch faces, still asks for allowing location EVERY time I go to the watch in the app and it’s been a while since I’ve seen any updates. I’m glad the heart monitor goes below 50 now, but shouldn’t some useful watch faces be trickling out?

There’s been a beta firmware released this week for the 47 so it’s definitely not forgotten. I’m also pretty sure that new watch faces are going to be part of the app update cycle, not the firmware cycle.