Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

I should think new watch faces would become available with the next software update, a firmware update would not be required.

Yes, mine is the 44.

After firmware update 0.12.41, I deleted the watch (a 47) from the IOS Wyze app and then re-added it. This deleted my photo faces from the app and defaulted to the above digital face. Keeping it.

Edit: this apparently doesn’t work if the pre-disconnect watch face had been set to one of the std (non-photo) faces, but works only if it had been set as a photo face. I think the disconn deletes the custom (user’s) photo and leaves the digits, now centered.

Interesting. I’m on 0.12.43 Watch 47 FW (beta) and 2.20.3 (beta) of the Wyze app and that watch face isn’t shown. It would be the perfect watch face for me if it just showed the step counter. I’m curious: If you look at the available watch faces in the Wyze app, does it show that watch face?

Thx. After a factory reset I too now have that display/face.

Now if can only figure out if can change the font color.

This “clean” digital face is not shown in the app (maybe upcoming (?)). It currently seems to be a non-selectable default after complete disconn from - reconn to the 0.12.41 app.

If Sethm1 can figure how to machine code thru bluetooth the font colors, he should get an award!

But anyway Wyze should include the clean digital face as a selectable option!

And quit my day job.

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Military time never uses a colon, and regular timekeeping never uses a leading zero. The watch invents it’s own rules. Has anyone ever said, “Hey, I love all these abstract color schemes and patterns?
!” The faces look like they are the result of one lonely programmer’s limited imagination without regard to anyone’s feedback.

Computers frequently use a leading zero, since strftime("%T") produces HH:MM:SS with a leading zero on the hour and has for over 40 years.

Yes, but he’s right that it looks a little stupid on a watch. :slight_smile:

On the other hand I’ve always seen UTC style times with the colon, but that’s probably because I’ve had more exposure to IT than to the military.

I much prefer the leading 0 because it provides a cue that it’s 24 hour time. Especially when so many old digital watches and clocks used an “AM pip” to save space, so I’ve become used to “6:00” with no pip being 6PM. And in the winter when you’re half asleep and it’s dark either way…

I really liked the stacked


that Google started using on the Android lock screen a few years back. It fit the proportions of the display with nice big legible numbers and no ambiguity at all. I wish they’d kept it up.

I’d love to have a feature for Wyze Watch to have the face “always on”. I realize this may drain battery quickly, but if the brightness could be dimmed unless you raise the watch - maybe that could help extend the battery. If the watch could last at least a full day - that would be acceptable - That’s the standard for other wanna be Wyze watches anyway :wink:

Agree - always on needs to happen

Agree - always on is very important. It should be optional.

What happened to the watch face that was advertised for the 44 mm watch??

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That’s not a WW44? Wrong screen, wrong button, and definitely never saw that face shown before?

I was searching for other screen options for my new 47 and saw this you tube intro video online Wyze Watch 44 - Affordable smartwatch from Wyze passed FCC. - YouTube

Did not realize it was not real images. Thank you for the heads up!

All that wouldn’t fit on a 44 - display is smaller than what this pic shows. Maybe this is a 47 and someone f’ up at Wyze when creating the ad. I like the face, doubt we’ll ever see it.


Something simple would be great, Just hands, numbers and the date. I like the standard simple one, but with no numbers at all, I get lost.