Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

Please, something simple like this…



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I find the watch face options not very attractive. Would prefer a simple multi line face of: 1) large time (all on one line), 2) day of week, 3) month and day, 4) steps

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Would like a change to the Simple watch face. Move the Day/Date from the 3:00 position to the 6:00 position and “WYZE” from 9:00 to 12:00 position. Too many times during the day the Day/Date is obscured by the hour and/or minute hands and the 6:00 position would minimize this issue. Also, brighten the 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. minute dots and add minute marks would be helpful.

Can we get some updated watch faces please? these color schemes and layouts are rather ugly and not very functional. Perhaps a way to make our own and ability to customize them w/steps, hr, weather, date and ability to move items around on face?

this is again a watch and its primary function is to be a watch.

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I can’t believe that a company that can develop and ship as many products as they do, can’t create a few additional watch faces incorporating the minor changes that customers are requesting. All the reviews I have seen mention the bad watch faces. Watch faces are integral to the PRIMARY use of the watch!

I have a sinking suspicion that the PRIMARY function of this watch isn’t anything more than having SHORTCUTS on your wrist to fit into the WYZE ecosystem.

None of the watch faces for the watch are worthy of a smart watch. We have a a couple of decent analog faces that have none of the info I bought a smart watch for. The rest of the watch faces are fugly pastel watch faces. One watch face has some of the info I want but it’s a horrible design. What’s with breaking up the numbers in the time? Why does every watch face have to be some ugly pastel color scheme? We either need some good watch faces from Wyze or we need a tool to make them and they can let their users fix the issue. Doesn’t matter how good a smart watch is if none of the faces for it have the info you want and they’re all ugly.

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Well, with the current watchfaces and Wyze unwillingness to make at least one simple watch face , I’m sad to report that I cannot wear this anymore. It lasted a week until I said oh hell no. WyZE…get with the program. Stop just throwing [Mod Edit] on the wall and seeing what sticks and actually follow through on something or your new motto is going to be Wyze “oh so close to mediocre…”

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just a very very basic mockup of an easy and useful watch face vs those we have now.

Just adding my vote for this comment. I’d love to be able to see the date and time… and numbers on my clock face

Which, in my opinion is why we should be able to view at least one Wyze cam at a time on this watch. I see so many users who are unhappy with the watch face design and I agree they look pretty bad but I was under the impression that these watches would integrate with the Wyze ecosystem. I really only bought the watch to view my camera(s) on it. I’m not sure why Wyze didn’t go with this plan from the start. When I AM able to view my camera on this watch then I will dust it off and reconnect it to Bluetooth. Otherwise it’s just another gadget I bought to support Wyze.