Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

Any chance it’s WearOS?

No thanks. Im not purchasing any new products from Wyze - not until landscape view is supported with their App. Plus, when they release a product, new features are never added. Hence this new watch (though i have not seen an official announcement).

Save your money.

I got the ad for the new watch. There has been zero support for my existing watch to fix the ugly watch faces. There’s no way I’m buying another watch from them until they fix that. I’ve got a lot of Wyze stuff, but I’m souring on them. Lack of support and mounting monthly fees tends to do that.


Can we get some face options that include the seconds on the time? It would make timing rests or intervals at the gym a lot easier.

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This is the main reason I haven’t bought a Wyze watch. They have no normal readable large font faces with time, day of week, month, and day of month.

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Yeah, the watch faces are pathetic.


Option to show weather on watch face

I would love to be able to see the weather—or at least the temperature—on the watch face.


New watch faces for Wyze watch 47

Are there any new watch faces in the works for the Wyze watch 47?

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Add month and year to wyze watch

Suggestion to add month and year to wyze watch faces. Thanks.


It would be helpful to have the Step count and last BPM on the watch face. I assumed it would do this, as my other smart watches have all done that.

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I’d like to see a face like Electron but with more neutral colors. It looks like a toy and the other faces don’t give nearly as much info. Like the date, which seems pretty generic and standard.

Please add RED DOT to Wyze Watch display when battery is low

The brief notifications of low battery on the watch (at 20% and 10% charge) are easily missed. This results in the user being unpleasantly surprised when the battery (suddenly) dies.

There have been other posts about this, proposing a notification on the phone, which would be helpful.

As a quick and easy alternative, please just display a (solid or blinking) RED DOT at the corner of the watch’s display once the charge dips below 20%!