Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

Wait, so the bigger watch has less options then the smaller one?

The 44 has a different selection of watch faces than the 47 AND you can store up to 6 on the watch instead of just 3. I originally had both sizes, and preferred the 44 because of the much better analog face. But the accelerometer on my 44 died, so now I’m stuck with the 47.

This Wishlist item is apparently not tagged as wyze-watch. If it was, it would be by far the highest vote getter for that tag. How do we get this tagged properly?

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Good catch! Thank you for the heads-up! :+1:

Has there been any visibility from Wyze on this? Seems like it would be a great place to invest $250 of the $100,000,000 to get some better watch faces! It’s the biggest thing holding this watch back and should be a simple fix.


Sadly deleting all of the faces creates the best looking one. Just wish it didn’t lose all the functionality.

Electron has the most features since it displays all your vital info in one, but to be blunt it looks like a Lisa Frank coloring book from my childhood.

Definitely agree about these issues. It would be nice to have a picture or different watch faces that display steps and at least heart rate. Also the weather sinking part is annoying but the watch itself is made very well except for the glass. Seems to scratch easily. Luckily I found some screen protectors on Amazon. I guess for the price I can’t argue too much where can you get a watch for $25 that has a timer alarm clock weather steps and fitness tracker. I can say that the fitness tracker is about .15-.20 miles off per real mile.

So it doesn’t seem that we will be getting any watch face support from the company for this [Mod Edit] that we paid $20 for?

I should have invested those $20 in any other tracker from Amazon and I would be much happier…

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