Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

Great idea.

Wyze - plz implement this.


Would like a watch face that includes heart rate and weather along with time date and steps? Maybe one that you could customize what you have on the face watch.



Add a chronograph with lap counter app to the watch. Nice sized numbers, easy to read. With the size of the watch, you could even have the last 3-4 lap times below the current time.

  • daily, permanent alarms (reminders).
  • vibration on receipt of notifications
  • more watch faces (please add digits to traditional watch hands face)

With my Wyzeband I could have time, day/date, steps and battery life on the home screen. This screen is huge, please give us a choice like that and scrub the 2x2 display. Time should read out in one line.

I also agree with numerals on the analog displays.

I agree that a way do design our own layout as far as where info is displayed and font size.

Other than that so far so good.


Interesting. If this was going to be moved/combined with other requests, I would have thought it would have been combined with the “Add Stopwatch” Wishlist, since a chronograph is a stopwatch.

However, after trying to use the timer function today, I found out the timer doesn’t run in the background like normal watches. If you want to leave the timer and check say the time of day, you have to cancel the timer. I found no other way to leave the screen. This may be bad design or may indicate the watch is more of a one trick pony, or at least one trick at a time.


O, thats sad that the timer not running in the background.


Most of the faces look like they were designed for a child. This is not a you.A few simple “digital faces” are needed along with dashboard views with time, date, HR, steps, etc. Plenty of room to make that work. I’m using the analog face now because it seems the most “mature”. I do not need all those loud colors on my watch face. I am honestly surprised that there are no simple options.


YES! This is my single biggest complaint. Just a simple large plain font watch face with time date weather and steps. These ‘Mork and Mindy’ faces are horrendous. WHY? Who thought this was a good idea? There is not one single watch face for this thing that works. I resorted to using the picture thing with a black picture just to get a plain font!


I did the plain one myself, then after a few minutes said WTH, the time/date only takes up 5%. So i add a logo of my car. But even still could not size it up correctly.

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Ok, we all agree that the included watch faces are awful. So lets help out the great people at wyze and show them what we want. I design watch-faces for the Samsung watches on the side and love all of my Wyze products and this watch 47 is pretty good - if it had better faces to interact with. I know I’m not the only creative soul out here so post (in full color) what you think the “face” of the new Wyze Watch 47 should look like.

wyze watch 47|287x500


that looks great…but with the addition of a custom photo

Yes, there are many available and they are all terrible looking like a child made them.


Well, those are the watch faces we have for now so we’ll just live with it until Wye decides to add more.
$20 watch. I’m not expecting it to have a thousand watch faces


(But with a seconds display HH:MM:SS, at least as an option)


I like it!

Can you spot the numeral that’s different? This font is horrible at any size.

Please offer a broader choice of watch faces, handsome ones like real watches, with sweep seconds hands too.


As I travel, would it be possible to have the watch display the time in two different time zones? That is on my wishlist. I had a watch “walmart special” that had a digital face and an analog face that I miss a lot.

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That is great. I would like to have that one just like it is.

Update watch face to show month, day, date and year
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