Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery to photos clock face and other clock face options

The resident watch faces are almost childish. Garmin’s selection of faces for the Fenix 5 for instance is terrific. Wyze needs to offer more data fields and complications. The battery life is really good but but I won’t wear mine. Apple 5 is my current choice even though I have to charge it every other day.

Are we ever going to get a useful/professional looking watch face? There’s not a good watch face to choose from. We either get a basic analog watch which wastes the whole point of a smart watch or we get hideous designs where it looks like someone threw pastel paints and ugly fonts on it. Who thought making 1 and 7 look almost identical on a watch was a good idea?

Starting to think this watch has been memory holed. No new watch faces, still asks for allowing location EVERY time I go to the watch in the app and it’s been a while since I’ve seen any updates. I’m glad the heart monitor goes below 50 now, but shouldn’t some useful watch faces be trickling out?

There’s been a beta firmware released this week for the 47 so it’s definitely not forgotten. I’m also pretty sure that new watch faces are going to be part of the app update cycle, not the firmware cycle.

Would be great to have a way to monitor the battery life on the Wyze Watch 47. I rarely look at the swipe up screen or the app that has the battery levels. An indicator on the watch face would be great. I know multiple people have already requested ways to customize the watch face, so that could be handled there. Is also like to see maybe a graph of battery life to try and help determine if certain times are causing battery drain in the watch. Sometimes I’ll look and It’ll be at 30-40 percent and then, what feels like suddenly, the watch is about dead.

Here’s a votable wishlist requesting Wyze developers set up the watch (app) to display a battery level on the watch face, and optionally text the user when the watch battery reaches certain levels e.g. 20, 10%. Then a warning will display as a text msg on the watch (and buzz).

Also to activate smart plugs, etc. based on the watch’s sensors/ functions like the battery, accelerometer, timers, ….

Vote if you want to formally request this feature. Integration of Wyze watch with Wyze Home Products

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Watch Sleep and Heart Rate “popup” data are in tiny print in blue on a slightly lighter blue background. That makes it very difficult to read (for my old eyes). I need a magnifying glass to read the numbers!. At least use black for the text. Blue on blue text data is no help at all.

That should be a fairly simple and easy software fix.

i haven’t heard anything about new watch faces. Lots of us here who hate the available options. There isn’t a single good watch face to choose but it’s crickets from the Wyze people as to when or even if they’re going to change that.

Neither have I. I sincerely hope they do add more, but I’m not going to count on it. My comment was intended to delineate between what would show up in a new firmware for the watch vs what would show up in an update to the Wyze app. I think there may be some underlying firmware framework that is utilized, but we won’t see new faces added unless they get added as part of an update to the Wyze app.

If they just told us the format and where to put the files, whether json or xml or whatever, it’d give us a place to start.

I think I’m seeing a pattern from Wyze. I’ve been with them since the V2 cameras came out. Seems like they don’t care much about existing stuff. You get what you get and they come out w/ something else. Or in the case of the cameras you lose what you bought it for and they want a monthly fee. I’m really not impressed w/ what i’m seeing. The person detection thing w/ the cameras is more than annoying. Watch faces don’t show any sign of getting a decent one. The bulbs are unreliable long term. They just quit responding until you power cycle them. Sometimes I have to default them and set them back up.

To be fair, I would not suggest using anyone’s wifi smart bulbs. Get Zigbee or Zwave ones. They have their own network which reduces load on your wifi. I can almost guarantee that no matter what someone says about their network being fine connectivity issues will 95% of the time come down to a router that can’t support the number of devices attempting to use it.

I’d also say that Wyze does do long term support for their products but they very rarely do major design changes to a product once launched. You’ll get new features and bug fixes but it seems very rare you get significant changes to the experience. For example, the watch doesn’t have emoji support and I doubt it ever will. Or the band had really bad usability for the activity section graphs and it never got an update.

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Does everyone know this watch face is easily displayed by simply deleting all of the up to 3 custom (user installed) watch faces from the Wyze app?

When connected, the app then immediately deletes all the imagery from the watch and it displays the enlarged time (I don’t care about the leading zero) and day date as shown. No month, no problem.


No, no I was not aware of that and have deleted the 3 watch faces and now. Thank you!

Would be nice to have a few more reasonable watch faces but this one is a massive improvement.

Can u change the font color to anything but white?
I did the same thing using the photo custom but with no photo.
Stuck with white font. Watch has been in the closet about 2 months now.

I’d love to have seconds too. Is there anyway to get that?

It’s a nice basic face, but would be much better with the option to add steps or other measurements

Unwatching this thread.

It is apparent that no one in the Wyze Dev Team is reading this.

I was hopeful but the lack of input or acknowledgement of Wyze employees is disheartening.

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I started in the smartwatch game with the OG Pebble and missed it dearly when FItbit acquired and ultimately destroyed it, but did find the Amazfit Bip after a while and it was a nice replacement. When Wyze released this watch, I was also very hopeful that the Devs would do great things with it, but alas, here we are. Since it’s release, there have only been 4 firmware releases and non of those brought any new features or anything other than optimization and bug fixes (which most really didn’t help). I jumped on the Wyze bandwagon and grabbed a handful of V2 cams to monitor many aspects of my house and have been really happy with them.

However, as many others have mentioned, Wyze seems hell bent on simply releasing new products and very minimal software / firmware updates to improve on the devices that already exist. I did purchase the thermostat, a couple plugs, some bulbs as well as the watch, in hopes that this would evolve into a great ecosystem that I could mange all from one app / service. Well, the watch has been a flop and I have no interest in purchasing any of these other items they are releasing after experiencing this poor development.

So, yesterday I made the jump back to Amazfit. Grabbed the GTS 2e for ~$100 and already I feel much happier about the experience I receive from this watch than I did from the Wyze watch.

I really hope @WyzeGwendolyn and the rest of the team start listening to these forums and understanding that their userbase is very unhappy with the lack of development of new features on existing devices and figures out a way to correct it, but for now, I’m out.

Agreed KenS, addnl function fields would be nice, are needed with the clean digital day, date, time. But for now, some of us just want to get away from the noisome be-bop-clown digital faces that Wyze offers. This digital face is the only option for me.

Also for now, I suppose I don’t mind sweeping up to access these data fields. At least not enough to get off my duff and create a wishlist. (Wyze has a votable wishlist option for us creators, to offer ideas that the community can vote up or down. It seems they pay attention to high vote wishlists more than forum grumblings. Not that I know anything about Wyze workings.)