Wyze Watch: Add button to stop sleep tracking for the night

There seems to be a need for a kill switch for the sleep timer that says, “Hey, watch. I’m awake now and going downstairs to eat breakfast, please don’t count my time sitting at the table as sleeping.” I get that getting up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break is a mild interruption to sleep, but I’ve noticed, on occasion, the watch thinks my trip downstairs is just such a break. Not knowing what logic is being used to determine the difference, maybe there needs to be an optional way to force an end to the sleep tracking.

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this could be quite useful for more accurate info. just a small pop up like the alarm face that asks, “are you awake for the day?”

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Thanks @Bam. Long day yesterday, but I got around to voting.

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Yes, there also seems to be a problem with sync data discussed here. It’s possible, having a firm end of sleep cycle flag/switch/button/whatever could help clear up both issues. Although, the app really should record and display what the watch is displaying in either case.