Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware Beta Test 6/7/2021

This update basically broke my heartrate sensing ability.

Has the firmware corrected the inaccurate blood oxygen measurement? Can someone verify, please.

My battery life has seriously deteriorated I believe since the update. Yesterday I charged the watch fully to 100%. Put the watch on at 12:17 PM. It is now 23 hours later and the watch is down to 41%. Had this same issue two days ago and the watch completely died. It was actually difficult to charge after that incident nut finally worked. I have the watch set at full bright. My activities were actually less than normal yesterday but when I first got the watch the battery lasted 5-6 days. I am getting better notifications and consistent Stretch notifications now. If the watch is busier recording my activities etc with this firmware and that is why the battery runtime is less that would semi be OK… however only having one charger make this issue huge. The watch died when I was away for the charger and I had to wait to return home. You guys need to sell chargers.

I don’t know about everyone else, but the weather app still does not update in a timely manner.

My battery life is bad as well.