Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware Beta Test 4/20/2021

Yea - not mine either… @WyzeAndy , any idea on when the FW for the watch will be available?

I’ve been on 0.12.42 since it was released. Are some people still not seeing it? Are you sure you signed up for the beta firmware?

Yea, not seeing it, been a beta tester for sometime now. Have all my devices in the Beta list for FW. What Device are you using? I am on Android, I also have an iPhone, but can’t pair the phone to both.

Same here. In the beta for the Watch 47 but still at 0.12.41

It’s been 10 days now, still stuck on 0.12.41 :frowning:

upgraded to 0.12.43, never did get ?.42

Same here. Never got .42 but just got .43. Haven’t found a description of what has changed though. I clicked "What’s New’ and it didn’t bring up anything specific to the Watch 47 or this FW update.

Is it a beta release or a production release?

@dietzgw , @gemniii , @R.Good

You can find what latest Beta for the watch includes here:

Thanks for the link.