Wyze Watch 47c - cannot update firmware - did I receive the correct watch model?

I received my Wyze Watch 47c yesterday. I added the watch (using the 47c option) to my Wyze app and am able to receive notifications for texts and other programs, and update the watch face with the newer backgrounds.

In the app, I attempt to update the firmware and am told its up to date. The watch is reporting firmware as 0.12.37 which is from March 25, 2021. Is there a fix for this?

Has anyone else received their new watch yet? I hope I even received the correct product. The front box cover is the new cover however the sides and the back of the box are labeled as Wyze Watch 47. I ordered new Midnight black 47c and the box shows it is Dark Gray (so wrong color?). The instructions inside the box are for Wyze Watch 47 and not the 47c. There is a sticker over the old UPC on the back with what appears to be a new UPC.

Yes its crap we sent ours back there’s alot issue’s with the new model,I went back to watch 47

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I just checked my box and it says 47, not 47c. What’s the best way to start the return process? I was wondering why it didn’t seem to do things like I thought it should be… :frowning:

We love our 47 the 47C is the bad watch the firmware is bad,what you don’t like about the watch?hell for $30.00 my wife spent it was so cheap we like the steps,and sleep info

I received our two 47c according to the invoice on my account page, but the About Shows Wyze Watch 47, It shows a NEW update is available but fails to load it. This watch is at 0.12.43 and I show (July 7, 2021) as available, but it is not selectable. The watch sez “Everything’s good, you’re updated” ??

I went and looked at my box and it says that it is the 47, not the 47c, so I was sent the wrong one. I let Wyze know and they said I could return it, but I wouldn’t receive a refund of the shipping cost and they would not be sending me a 47c, only refunding the money. So I have to order a new one, and pay the shipping again, even though they shipped the wrong product to me. I asked them about it and they replied that there is no other option for them, that it is the only way that they can currently do it. If they have sent out so may of the 47’s in place of the 47c’s, then they had a real problem in their warehouse/shipping. I’m hoping that they fix the problem so that I don’t get sent another 47 instead of a 47c. If I do, I’m going to be posting about it all over the place.

Well if I was you keep it,the new model 47c has alot of issues we sent bac 21 model of the 47c back and ordered the 47 there Christmas presents

An update to my 47c Firmware Update Issue…
Still showing an update available but never installs it ?

We ordered 6 of the new watches for Christmas gifts,but we tryed a 1 out and it had alot of issues sleep,steps, heart monitoring and other issues so we sent all of them back,and went back to my watch 47 works just fine no issues