Wyze Watch 47 Sleep Track only works once, and once after factory reset

Since I have received my watch 47mm sleep tracker only worked once. After this, the following days are all blank. I wore the watch 4 days in a row. I assumed maybe I had hairy arms or it wasn’t tight enough. So I tried it again and nothing, no data, just that one day.

I figured maybe it was a software issue so I factory reset. This time I rotated the watch to my bottom wrist sure enough it recorded only one day, because I factory reset it. Any following days after that, no recorded data. I submit my logs from the Wyze app cycle tracking within the app last week, but havent heard or received any response in the status.

As you can see in the second image, the heart rate and pulsox work fine, but tracking, nope. I see its hit or miss with some people but can confirm myself the issue is recurring.