Wyze watch 47 for sale

I am probably going to get yelled at, I have no idea if I am supposed to post for sale here. I bought the 47 watch, and I like it, but I wear my apple watch more. I figure I would let someone else buy it if there was an interest. I wore it a couple times and it’s still mint. I’ll sell it for $20 plus shipping if you want it. I still have the box and all the stuff that comes with it. If not, I will just keep it, it was cheap enough.

I want it!

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Please delete your personal email from this post , thanks

If not bought yet by prior poster, I’m interested.

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Welcome @marenyi!

This is subject to change.

Make sure you delete and factory reset previously used devices. Also, remember that any products you sell will not be under the Wyze warranty(meaning replacements will not be offered).

Only products bought from these sellers are covered under the Wyze warranty and the sellers return policy.

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I don’t know how to private message the interested people. Is it possible?

Well, to keep the email addresses out of the conversation someone could use my PayPal link, I would ask that @kelltter use this link first, and if that person passes then I can let @sanitychek know. Put your address in the Paypal payment. I will post updates here.

[mod edit: PayPal link removed]

Yes it is.
Tap on their profile picture, the “message”.

I would suggest messaging sets individually about this.
You will see the “add user” box will already have the user you originally selected. You can select the X to remove a user from the message. Select “message” to send it.

I don’t have that option, maybe it’s because I am new? When I click on a profile picture it gives me a popup, but mine has nothing there and some users show “2 posts in topic” but nothing else.

@marenyi I have manually bumped up your forum trust level so you should be able to send Private Messages now.


Thanks for all the help and interest. Item ended up selling on eBay.