Wyze Watch 47 band chemicals burned my skin

Re: Rash from Wyze wrist band.

I notice four red bruised dots like a heat rash on my wrist and it is due to the Wyze sylicone band since i would wear it day and night.

Now i cannot wear it because the bruse is not healing.

I will switch to my other hand and see what happens. I also noticed dead skin cells stick to the sylicon wrist band and it is difficult to wash off.

I love my Wyze watch and am married to it but I will divorce it if this problem continues. Hmmmmmm… $17 for a leather watch band onto a $20 watch? Might be the solution since leather is Breathable.

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I had something similar but found loosening the strap solved the issue. I wear mine day and night but take it off when showering. Now I keep my watch just snug against my wrist but I can easily spin it to reposition the watch, and as far as I know all my sensor readings have been the same.

I had what looks like a chemical burn also. Swapped the band out to a nylon style band and haven’t had any issues.

My wrist was Gray! !-on the solid side but not on the punched side . Wore 24/7 monitoring irregular heartbeat. For medical reasons.

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Chinese plastic…My watch is in the draw and staying there.

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Yeah the products keep getting worse and worse with Wyze don’t they

Thank you!


Also have a reaction, taking it off for a day or two cleared this up for me when I was wearing the watch. But it’s not so much bumps as it looks like rubbing irritation. I’ve tried loose and tight.

As far as buying a different band… This watch isn’t worth the money (however low the price was) in the first place. Much less so if I also have to buy a different band.

I take it out every once in a while when I see a new firmware came out, but that’s not incredibly often.

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Why mine is in the draw…This Company needs to Focus on a Core Product line (and get it RIGHT!!!)…At this point Wyze is a Toy Company.

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Ditto. Same here!

I wear my 47mostly 24/7. Seems to be the lack of “breathing” due to the smooth silicon. My irritation seems to occur right where the small :retainer band (that holds the excess strap down) sits.

My solution is to order a set of 3 different color nylon bands from Amazon for $11 to use on this and a couple other watches that I wear.

The Wyze Watch has proven to be very useful as I recover from hip replacement surgery - especially for monitoring quality of sleep as I recover.

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I would contact a lawyer

Thank you

Please submit this to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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I’ve never had a skin reaction with any silicone watch strap, until I got the Wyze Band. I can’t even wear it anymore and because of this decided against buying the Wyze Watch. Considering their ties with China I have no doubt their straps are not 100% silicone, at least not medical grade silicone. And too many people are having skin issues from them for it to be a coincident. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Chinese made baby toy products were found to have lead in them. And I doubt their practice has changed much. Look, I don’t care where a product is manufactured as long as it’s safe. And as I said, I’ve never had a skin reaction to a silicone watch strap before until I got my Wyze Band. And at first I didn’t the people that were having skin issues from the straps, until it happened to me.

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Looked what happened with J&J Talc baby powder (Not sold in US anymore and Lawsuits). Talc came from China so Wyze needs to find out what is going on with the watchband.

Wyze heard about the strap issue within the first few weeks of the Band’s release and yet they did nothing. Their only goal at this point seems to be to increase revenue just to sell the company. They’s stop being a good company that supports their products and they do is have their untrained customer support staff read through a trouble shooting list and if that doesn’t work then they just replace the product, never addressing the cause.

They still haven’t given us an update to delete custom background pictures we put into our Wyze Band. You’d think that basic feature would have come with the initial product release.


I had to stop wearing mine as well. It just was not worth the rash and the poor reading of heart rate.

Can we get a replacement band for free that doesn’t do this? (this photo is taken after a day of healing; it was much worse)

Please submit this to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

No we can’t because Wyze won’t admit there is a problem with the band. If they do replace it, most likely it would be for another one made of the same materials. And since Wyze doesn’t seem to be listening to us, or just doesn’t care, we all need to file a report with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, as cohibajoe suggested.


Wow, same here !

I have the Orig. One.

But I thought it was jus me ! :open_mouth:

Sadly, these replies show wyze as not a good partner.

Especially when the watch is promoting health related features.

I love my watch, but don’t wanna loose my hand, arm or life, over it.