Wyze Watch 47 band chemicals burned my skin

Did anyone else have a horrible skin reaction to the Wyze Watch? It burned my skin and caused my skin to peel. I have not worn it in a week and my arm is still not completely healed.


I had the same problem, I no longer sleep in it.

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I also as well had a bad reaction

Welcome @brandonrowell79!
I have not had any skin irritation caused by the watches.
Do you know if the skin irritation caused by the band rubbing or an allergic reaction to the silicone band?

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You can buy replacement bands. Wyze watch bands are standard 22mm watch bands.

I have not had such a reaction personally, and I have 3 Wyze time pieces on my arm ATM for testing (Band, 44, & 47). So, individual allergic sensitivities may apply here.

I look like a watch street vendor, lol. “Wanna buy a watch?”


Same here. If I take it off every few days for a day or two it prevents this.

Re: Rash from Wyze wrist band.

I notice four red bruised dots like a heat rash on my wrist and it is due to the Wyze sylicone band since i would wear it day and night.

Now i cannot wear it because the bruse is not healing.

I will switch to my other hand and see what happens. I also noticed dead skin cells stick to the sylicon wrist band and it is difficult to wash off.

I love my Wyze watch and am married to it but I will divorce it if this problem continues. Hmmmmmm… $17 for a leather watch band onto a $20 watch? Might be the solution since leather is Breathable.

I had something similar but found loosening the strap solved the issue. I wear mine day and night but take it off when showering. Now I keep my watch just snug against my wrist but I can easily spin it to reposition the watch, and as far as I know all my sensor readings have been the same.

I had what looks like a chemical burn also. Swapped the band out to a nylon style band and haven’t had any issues.