Wyze Watch 47 Back In Stock!

It’s time. Wyze Watch 47 is back in stock!

Our 47mm smartwatch is the perfect blend of style, durability, and light-weight comfort. Use it to track your fitness, measure health metrics, read your texts, and more from your wrist. :watch:


Better check the price on this, 5.99 USD is a typo.

Also pls see my DM to you regarding a O.12.41 firmware bug.


Currently have one in my cart but cannot get through the purchase process - it has a loading bar stuck on the shipping page.

Will keep trying!


was able to purchase through the Wyze app store (website still not working properly for me).

Yeah, I think she mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there was a bug where it would grab the cheapest SKU, which is the band in this case.

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Ummmm, the watch in the middle of the picture above “Water resistant” doesn’t even look like a Wyze 47 watch. It looks like an Apple iWatch, as there is a dial button in the top right. What’s the deal here??

Probably just another feature they are thinking of :slight_smile:


We have new images. Thanks, folks! :slight_smile:

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It’s not like I was waiting for this to happen…I’m lying, I was. Love my watch and this is another one for my wife.

can we buy additional charging cables?