WYZE Watch 47 and Whatsapp

I’ve just got my Watch and so far everything seems to be working well with 2 exemptions:

  1. very weak vibration
  2. Whatsapp notifications not showing (all others such as text, call, etc work)

Has anyone else experienced this?


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exactly the same. iOS.

Have you made sure that WhatsApp notifications are turned on in the watch notification settings? You may also have to turn on notifications for “other apps”.
If notifications are enabled in the Wyze app, take a look in your phone’s settings to see if anything there could or looks like it needs to be changed,

Equal_Nefariousness3” [3 days ago]

This happened to me too. The secret is that you have to enable notification access in your phone settings. You might be thinking you’ve already done this and I know I did (since they worked in my wyze band) but apparently there was a second wyze entry for notifications.

Go to settings, app, special access (mine is Samsung so it’s in the ellipses), notification access, scroll to the bottom and check both wyze options. Boom! This worked for me. Hope it helps.

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Hello, thanks for the replies. I cannot succeed in getting whatsapp notifications. Ive tried EVERY setting I can find on the phone and in the WYZE app. I’m using iphone 8, latest ios. Any other possibilities to make this work?

Thanks DSM. This worked in getting notifications working for other apps.