Wyze Watch 44 sleep tracker

How do i get the watch to track my sleep?

I’m having the same issue- Watch 44 says I didn’t sleep; do I have to change a setting somewhere? My watch is connected to an Android phone.

If you wear your watch to bed, it will track your sleep levels.
The data can be seen two ways:

  • In greater detail using your Wyze APP on your phone by hitting the ‘Data’ link on the bottom of the phone device screen
  • Or use the ‘Activity’ link on your watch. Mine showed up about 10am the following morning. It appears it takes some time to collect and present the data.

Sleep well.

I am having the same issue. I wore the watch to bed and nothing shows up regarding sleep, not on the watch and not in the app.

My watch is not recording sleep either. How do I get it to start tracking my sleep?

Same with mine always says no data…half the time it won’t connect eitheror disconnects and I don’t know it… probably going in the drawer

Mine recorded sleep for the first few days & then stopped. What do I do?

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It seems to work sporadically, some nights it records sleep, some nights it doesn’t. If I knew more about how it determines whether you are sleeping or not, it would be helpful.
Does anybody have any idea on how it works?