Wyze Watch 44 - Current Temperature wrong

When I select Weather, the current temperature displays but it is wrong. The city is correct, but the high and low temp are wrong. It shows the temp to be 78°, but it is really 54°. Also, the predicted temps for the rest of the week seem to be OK.


Yeah, I noticed that too. Not sure what service Wyze is getting its weather info from, or if it’s a coding issue but mine is off. I also noticed that the today high and low always matches the tomorrow high and low. Something tells me this is a software/coding issue.

Here’s what 2 different weather apps tell me:

Here’s what Wyze watch tells me when location is set to auto:

Here’s what it tells me when I set it manually:

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My weather is off, too. It currently says it’s raining in our city, which it isn’t. We have a weather station set up in our backyard and if it was raining, we would have been alerted long before now. Then it’s Thursday and it shows the forecast for Monday-Wednesday! What happened to Friday-Sunday? It’s hard to believe their “long-range” forecast when the current conditions aren’t correct.

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I set my location manually and that fixed it.

One of those examples I gave was the manual setting and the high low for today and the high low for tomorrow still match (and they shouldn’t).

I also set my location manually and it didn’t fix it. The Weather showing on my husband’s 47 is totally different with correct days and a more accurate representation of current conditions.

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I took more photos today of the weather in the app… And something is definitely off since the high and low for today again matches the high and low for tomorrow. I honestly think they made an error in the weather coding for what days info goes where.

@WyzeGwendolyn, @WyzeDongsheng any chance they are working on a fix for this?

And this is what my weather apps tell me:

I took comparison photos between the weather on the band and the weather on the watch.

Everything matches up EXCEPT for the today current high and low.

This definitely appears to be a coding issue where the today high and low is being taken from the tomorrow high and low.

I did that and its still off

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Wyze responded to my ticket and my submitted logs.

Hi Kristy,

"I do see those differences in those temperatures.

Thank you for submitting a log! Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update."

So, hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon.

Mine stopped working correctly again. It now reads 0° when the actual temp is 82°.


Just did an update and now it works correctly. I was 2 levels down.

I just received my 44 watch. Any news on fixing the weather feed? I live in Florida. We haven’t had rain and don’t expect any rain. Except for on my wyze watch. Shows raining now and next 3 days! Temperature is pretty close to correct.