Wyze Watch 44/47 Calibrate Step Count

The step count on the watch is producing unreasonable results, often telling me that I’ve walked over 10,000 steps which for me would be almost 4 miles. That’s at least 60% higher than reality.

I’d like you to add a user-driven adjustment to the step-counting algorithm. In the Wyze App, give me a choice to start a step calibration walk. Press the start button, walk 100 steps, and press the stop button. Use that 100 step data to calibrate how the watch counts steps from that point on.

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I agree. Yesterday my watch showed 14,564 steps at around 11:30PM. However, after syncing data etc., Apple Health showed only 9,546 steps. (This is with data sharing enabled between Wyze app and Apple Health). No idea why it’s sending data to HealthKit that looks accurate, but showing something way higher within the Wyze app/on the watch itself.

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Day Steps Miles
Sun 7313 3.49
Mon 10613 104.06
Tue 5748 2.74
Wed 10416 65.65
Thur 7066 3.2
Fri 6821 3.26

Something is off, especially when I hit 10K steps.

This is a replacement band I’ve had for about two weeks. My original band always had connectivity trouble with phone, stopped my sleep tracking at 5 AM just about every day, and finally just locked up.

The new band has none of those issues, but the step count thing is a problem.

Wyze Watch - Please add ability to adjust the step length / running cadence.
The distance calculated with current settings is off by a bit.
when I’m at 1.3 miles or so the watch only says 1 mile.

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My watch 47 just registered almost exactly double the distance and pace it should have. My girlfriend’s watch 44 was pretty close on the same short walk. Hers said 1.2 miles and the GPS activity tracking app on her phone reported 1.27 mi. Meanwhile mine reported 2.77 miles and a pace that was faster by double what reality was.

Yes, please allow us to adjust our gait. This morning in 19 minutes of waking up, brushing my teeth and finally starting my walk with the dog I had already logged over 800 steps.