Wyze wasps

What is it with one of my V3’s and wasps? nearly every day and sometimes more than once, they feel the need to get on camera. They auditioning for a movie or what? Not nest building, just checking it out and flying away.


I have that problem as well. Every summer the bees are buzzing around or on my cams. They may see their reflection in the lens, your guess is good as mine. :man_shrugging: Several other threads about wasps as well.

You can add my V3s to the “wasp watch” list. :smiley:

they are constantly looking for a place to nest. and a circular black thing ( lens) on the white housing I would guess looks like a darn nice piece of property to build on to a little wasp contractor.
now just to get the necessary permits…

hey wait a minute…there isn’t a hole here…

then they buzz back to the Wasp relator rather upset. this is the reality of the Wasp contractor.

lol. good one!