Wyze Virtual Switch

It would be really useful to add a “virtual switch” into the Wyze app. The UI would essentially function the same as a plug. If these could be added to Alexa, (or Google Assistant or IFTTT) it would unlock a lot of potential to make everything play nicely together.

For example, Alexa current supports sunrise/sunset scheduling, something the Wyze app can’t do yet. I tend to get a lot of false positives at night due to headlights, and it would be cool if there were a way to automatically mute notifications at sunset. If there were a virtual switch, I could:

  • Make a routine in Alexa that turns off a virtual switch at dawn and on at dusk
  • Make a rule in Wyze that uses the virtual switch as a trigger to mute and unmute notifications.

That’s just one example. It would also work the OTHER way. For example, Wyze can send me notifications when a sensor is left open for X amount of time, but Alexa can’t do the same. (I know that sensors are still sorta beta-ish on Alexa, but I’m using it already and it’s obviously coming.) If Wyze had a virtual switch, I could do this:

  • Make a rule in Wyze that turns on a virtual switch when the door has been left open for 2 minutes
  • Make a routine in Alexa that says “Door has been opened for 2 minutes” whenever the virtual switch is on, then turns the virtual switch off again.

I’m just thinking this may be the easiest way to add a lot of more advanced functionality to rules and schedules, without adding tons of complexity to the logic.

I have a specific use case for this, But as I state in this post, they will be releasing native support for wyze sense for alexa. Allowing you to do what I do in my post, without any of my steps.

Thanks, seems I had already upvoted it before I clicked the link. Likely found it late last night.

Alexa Notifies on sensor open/close

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This is mainly the only thing I use SmartThings for, I don’t even own any SmartThings devices!
It sure would be awesome to be able to utilize those without IFTTT, making it much faster!
The only other thing I use it for, which would also be cool to see in Wyze rules, they have: if, and/or, than.
So you can get a lot more creative in your rules with those options.
For example: if contact sensor opens & bulb is on, then turn off bulb & turn off plugs.

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