Wyze Video Doorbell - Wireless battery version

A must have feature for this is that the battery is removable. Please don’t make me take the entire doorbell off the mount just to charge it (like my Ring V1).

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For many of us that either don’t have current doorbells, have brick we don’t want to drill into, or live in an apartment or townhomes where we can’t install an entire doorbell system, there should be a very simple wireless doorbell with camera. It can be like the outdoor cam and just jump the connection to the bridge, so the bridge can pickup it’s connection, save video to the sd card in the base station, and then also send the alert to a separate doorbell bell that you can out anywhere also, and for the the bell, you should have both options to either charge it, or leave it plugged in. That way it can be wall mounted with no power cord, or it can be plugged in over a counter top, where there may be an outlet for a cable. Either way, wireless doorbell with doorbell cam, I would but that in a second.

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Wish wyze had a battery powered video door bell. Current model is only hardwired.

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I bought the cams to keep eyes out around and in our RV. Like to make sure our pets are safe most of all. Video surveillance deters mischief too. But I would snap up a wireless doorbell to add to the RV. Maybe RV’s are a good market for these products.

I have a front gate before my front door. I have another brand wireless door bell attached to it
currently but would be interested in a wyze version

I do not have a wired doorbell to replace, but you can purchase a doorbell transformer from Amazon for about $15. Has anyone tried this solution with the Wyze doorbell? I tried their support, but evidently it is managed by a robot that does not really understand the question… another totally useless customer service for an otherwise good product.

The problem is running the wire from the front door to wherever you put the transformer and the transformer has to plug into your home wiring to get juice
It is easy to do when they are building a house, as the walls are all exposed, but once the sheet rock goes on, its another story. I have a newer house and they did not wire for a doorbell as the builder installed a wireless doorbell. The button that was on the outside of the door had a battery that lasted 2 or three years and then you just popped in a new one. But no camera.