Wyze Video Doorbell - Wireless battery version

Very excited for a no-wires / no-drilling version of the video doorbell !!

Hoping there’s a little drilling so it can be securely mounted to my house. Don’t want it ripped off.

Awesome! Can’t wait!

Yes like RING has a no-drill mount plate for those who leave in apartment and cannot drill

Looking forward it too !!

The original video doorbell shouldn’t have required disconnecting the existing powered chime. I hope the battery-powered video doorbell will also be able to be recharged continuously via the standard (12-volt?) doorbell transformer, like my Ring doorbell which I want to replace (terrible video quality, terrible connectivity, but always fully charged!).

My ring 2 does is not wired, as my house was built with a wireless doorbell so no wires. The trouble with my ring doorbell is that it misses 1/2 the people that come to my door. I have been on the phone with Amazon and they can connect to your doorbell and set the settings for you. So it is nothing I am doing wrong.
Then my battery instead of lasting 5 or 6 months, started lasting 2 weeks. I called them up and they told me it was the battery, I got a new battery but that one drains in two weeks as well.
I can’t wait for the wyze doorbell as it will probably be 1/3 the cost. But I am worried about the 10 minutes delays I get for notifications with my wyze sensors and camera, that it will carry over to the doorbell. I am hoping the doorbell uses the new security hub that should clear up my problem.

Yeah, I have a lot of quality-control issues with Ring and would like to transition away from them. My doorbell also misses people, and it lacks a “pre-roll” feature to record several seconds before the alert. Ring tells me this is to preserve battery life…on a wired doorbell…go figure!

thanks so much from a large part of your Wyze community who have been eagerly waiting for this announcement! Can’t wait to buy several…

Also, should have a way of securely being attached. There’s been cases in my area of people just stealing the ring cameras.

Please excuse any typos, on mobile.

Ring will replace any stolen camera for free.

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That is great news. I have wireless doorbell‘s already through another company. The product does work good when it works. I cannot get wired doorbells to work there because I have no power. I would love to have the wise doorbell but it takes power

Yay! Looking forward to the product!

Me too, for some odd reason my ring 2 is burning through batteries. The battery will last less than a week. I got a new one thinking the battery was the issue, but nope. So now I just keep one charged and swap them out every two weeks. I hope Wyze does make one of these things. I think it will sell better than a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Ditto! Wireless doorbell option is a must.

I also ordered my Wyze doorbell to replace my Ring 2, which has terrible audio and video quality and huge latency, as well as a lack of “pre-roll” (does the Wyze have pre-roll??). Yes, I have power, but would still prefer a battery backed-up doorbell with constant charging like the Ring 2. And having the battery should eliminate the need for disconnecting and shunting the original chime.

But be careful what you wish for! A rechargeable battery will add a lot of additional size and weight.

I was waiting for the wyze wireless as well as my 2 year old ring 2 doorbell was eating the battery every two to three weeks. I bought a new battery but the same results. I got no help online but when I bitched in a Ring forum, I got a email to call them and I did. They sent me a brand new ring 2 doorbell free of charge to replace my out of warranty doorbell.

I would like video doorbell that is powered over USB. I have a line I can use but my house has never had a hardwired doorbell so no transformer. The wall around my door is all brick and I can’t be messing with drilling through that.

In a older house that does not have power - really need to have a battery option.


My house was built in the '80s But there is no electrical ran to either front/back doors either.