Wyze Video Doorbell - Wireless battery version

We’re moving into a new condo next week and there is no hardwired doorbell (no doorbell at all). Given the front of the condo and door is mostly glass with metal frame, it would be very difficult to get low voltage wired to a doorbell spot. Please put your magic to work on a battery powered doorbell! Thank you!


My first post, I’m gonna be adding the Wyze Video Doorbell and there is no existing doorbell so there is no power source. Looking for options to add more ways to power up the doorbell without having to wire in power.

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There’s a lot of comments all covering most of the key points for having a way to power the doorbell where there is no existing doorbell. Another reference would be if someone wanted to add the doorbell to a location that is not the front door or any typical entrance to the home, perhaps the location is not even at the home, maybe it’s at a gate or some other location where there might be a need to be notified when someone is attempting to gain access someplace, the possibilities are endless. Also, having an SD card either in the doorbell or linked to from another location would be preferred so that a stored record of each visitor is an option. Not to mention the competitive factor, Wyze Video Doorbell is a great product, or can be. Now, adding another factor to an already existing ticket to make sure the app is not the only way to view the video stream, hence the RTSP question on the table for the Outdoor Cam, if you hear the chime and don’t have access to your phone app but you are close to your smart TV, you can call up the doorbell video. These ideas can seem pretty simple however, even though some of these are already implemented on other platforms and should be able to just use the same tech, some are new but sound easy. In the end it takes a lot of procedures to flow thru the system, engineering, prototypes, testing, it’s a road to get the concept ready and there’s a lot of us ready to help.

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I would also love to have a wireless Doorbell from Wyze hate to get a Ring doorbell their battery operated but rather keep everything in the Wyze family products already have six V2 cameras and two Out Door cameras. I currently don’t have a powered door bell hate to run wires battery would be the best option for me .


Sooooo, if I get the doorbell, wired or eventually wireless, will someone push the button and I get a notification 10-15 minutes later like I do on my outdoor cam and sensors, or is the technology different with the doorbell?

That’s really interesting, perhaps there are some setting issues, network issues or something in play that is causing your delayed notifications. My outdoor cam sends my notifications almost instantly, i will run some more tests however my last test I was getting them as they happened. I would like to think that if with the doorbell that the notification would be instantaneously so that whomever was at the door wouldn’t have to wait around for 15 min to get an answer, it might get pretty cold, pending where you live too I guess :slight_smile:

You probably have an iPhone. There are not any notification issues with the iPhone, Only the Android. There are various topics on it here in Wyze forum land and Wyze says they are working on it, but it has been a year?. A work around is using a third party software (IFTTT) which I do, I get a text from IFTTT and then 5 to 15 minutes later I get the Wyze Notification. If a third party software works, why the heck does the Wyze software not work. Maybe Text vs app notification, I don’t know. It is the Wyze software that is sending the message to IFTTT immediately, but not to my phone right away. So it’s not my network.
Go Figure.
PS, I have door sensors, motion sensors, outdoor cam, pan cams and they are all the same with the delay.

Yeah no that’s interesting cause I do have all Androids and I have so far the Outdoor and Cam Pan with no issues. I did see those articles you’re talking about as well and was curious about the same thing. I hope you can get it figured out I’m really not sure what to tell you at this point.

@steve4335 I’m excited to share that we’ve started development on a battery-powered version of Wyze Video Doorbell! :battery:

Though we’re excited to move this request from the Wishlist to the Roadmap, we don’t have an ETA for release quite yet! Our friends on the Product Team are still early in development, so please keep in mind that all plans/timing are subject to change for now. :partying_face:


Please keep me posted! Thanks!

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That would be great :blush:

Good news!

But also come up with a do-drill-mount plate because people who stay in Apartment cannot drill the mounting plate.

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Fantastic! I expect to order 3 of them!

also come up with no-drill mount plate , because people who stay in apartment cannot drill. Ring has that option.

Cool - can’t wait

:paw_prints::paw_prints: Jodi Crawford :paw_prints::paw_prints:

Thats great news!!! Thanks @WyzeKenny!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please Please Please - since it is still early development - make a mounting bracket that goes through a peephole, this makes it usable for the countless number of apartment dwellers out there. The battery and SD card could be on the inside portion, making the recorded video theft proof…oh, and Please include SD card :grinning:

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Many thanks! Keep us posted please.

A battery powered video doorbell will be nice, but, I’d really like a temperature sensor in my Christmas stocking. (Note, not a medical thermometer — a temperature sensor.)

That is a GREAT idea!!!