Wyze Video Doorbell "QR code is incorrect"

Did you peel the protective clear sticker off of the lens?

Happened to me, the camera’s view of my QR code was blurred through the sticker. Gave me that same fail message.

haha, I was just going to ask the same. The doorbell I received today installed without issue

Of course

I wish it was that easy…support had me clean after removing the sticker…no luck.

Any status update from anyone re: what support is working on? I’m curious if it is as simple as an app update or if a replacement doorbell is in order…

Did you try rebooting your router, just in case. Might end up in a better Channel with less interference? Who knows…after I made some changes, the router did a quick refresh. I wonder if that did it instead of whatever changes were made. Doesn’t hurt to try…

Unfortunately, same issue here, just received my Video Doorbell in the mail today, Went through necessary steps, only to get QR Code invalid message. Confirmed on 2.5GHz plus have tried on multiple devices to setup. I have 3 other cameras running fine with no issues setting up…Frustrating…


Thank you! It’s almost two days now since they’ve sent an update. Support is in dire need or support :rofl:. Fingers crossed they respond by

Some update from Wyze support.

“The QR code issue with the Wyze Doorbell is caused by an authentication bug with out servers. We are working on a fix but the deployment would not be available until this Friday or Saturday.”

That’s interesting. I also looked through my router logs and discovered that DHCP assigned IP address to the doorbell’s MAC—which means it actually connected to router successfully, and something else failed, the QR code incorrect message was just a red herring. I guess we will find out this Friday.


I’d say I’m stunned, but I’m not.

Why is it working for some but not others if it’s an issue on their server side? Doesn’t make much sense.

Also, a fix that won’t be live for another 4+ days?!? Give us a break.

Add me to the list of people that get the “QR code is incorrect” message. Tried factory resetting; no dice.

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I’m beyond psst right now. You guys delayed shipping these because you seen issues - how did this get missed? All these new products coming out maybe the focus should be less products and more QA.

What is the fix for this issue and why is it not on the page for the doorbell for issues or status issues as if you guys are unaware it’s happening?

I can appreciate this is a new product and I feel somewhat of a guinea pig testing this new, very reasonably priced doorbell camera. However, I would be appreciative if someone from Wyze support could respond in this forum to give us an update/timeline of what is going on behind the scenes to correct this problem. I’ve reached out to Wyze support through my open ticket asking for this information but have yet to receive a response…

Just got back for phone with support! Issue is server side and will be fixed Friday or Saturday

Folks, I have great news. I am never one to wait when the issue is on the server side :slight_smile: I just tried and the “QR code incorrect” issue is resolved (at least for me), so right now I am all set up to use the new doorbell. I would encourage the rest of you to try also, doesn’t hurt.

But this does confirm the explanation given, which is that this is a server side issue.

I’ve tried twice this evening and both times I get the “QR code incorrect” message, so I don’t believe it’s been fixed.

Hi, folks!

I got some info about this one. I’m told that this is a cloud error and we’ll fix it over the weekend though you can contact support with your MAC and engineers can help fix it earlier. Sorry for the trouble!

Wyze Customer Support


Sounds like the issue is related to these first batch’s MAC address not being whitelisted or something along that line. If so contacting support with your MAC would certainly help. This could be why things are now working for me (since I created a support ticket).

I put in a ticket and sent pic of my mac and still having issues

Guess I gotta wait

Do we know the order dates that have been shipped?

I tried all week to get the doorbell connected… So today I selected as device the basic camera versus the video doorbell camera… It connected the first try!!!