Wyze Video Doorbell Pro - For everything out there! 10/19/21

Sounds great but then you’re asking for a $200 door bell. The wyze echo system is about selling us affordable tech. But to your point there is no reason why this doorbell doesn’t have an sd card.

Please add flux capacitor to doorbell. Other than that, the doorbell is good.


erey body on here mad about the lack of SD card… just got mine the other day and i’m more concerned with the SD video quality… this camera is sub-par when comparing to a CAM V3… disappointed :frowning:

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Needs more cow bell.

Mine looks good and clear

  1. don’t care about local storage on the doorbell
  2. RTSP is a must have feature
  3. yes I already own one
  4. It’s usable with the Wyze App but very limiting and I won’t recommend it without RTSP support.

I use my Amazon echo devices to announce persons approaching my Wyze Doorbell. You can set this feature up using the Alexa App. Just an FYI.